Thursday, December 19, 2013

Using Twitter to Fight Amnesty

A few months ago, I opened up a Twitter account. Since then, I have amasssed over 2000 followers, and a much better idea of how to use Twitter to get my message out.

Here are some ideas:

For one thing, visit's Twitter account. Retweet some of his tweets. In particular, re-tweet those that mention people (i.e. that use the @ sign). He does tend to be abrasive toward allies (like NumbersUSA) who are not doing things the way he wants, so you will have to use your own judgment as to what to re-tweet and what not to. Alternately, you can use the "reply" function to back him up when he asks a question, if you think you have something to add. The people he talks to can be a good guide as to people whom you might want to contact independently and suggest things to.

Also, use hashtags (#) and searches to find people who are arguing on the immigration debate. Tweet them with questions regarding their stance, or supporting their stance (depending on what their stance is), preferably with links to pieces that support your position. Please be aware, do not follow someone whom you are asking tough questions of, because this makes it more likely that you will be suspended if they decide to block you. Also, do not ask too many questions in a row of one person (especially someone you don't know), lest they become annoyed and treat you as spam. Not having a person's Twitter account designation (i.e. their "@") as the first thing on a Tweet is usually good, because it means that it will be broadcast onto your followers' Twitter feeds and put on your primary Twitter page (as opposed to under the "Tweets & Replies" page), plus it makes it less likely for a block to result in a suspension, so usually it's useful to put a period before the first "@".

Try to amass followers. I do that by following 20-30 people over the course of a day. Before you follow someone, check them out to see if they are a good fit. Everyone you follow, put in a folder (I use 3 folders, and generally fill one while cleaning out the one after it. After it is totally empty, I start filling it and start cleaning out the one after that one). After a week or so, unfollow those that have not followed you and move them to a folder for people whom you have followed and have not followed back (so that you don't keep re-following the same person every two weeks), and those that have followed back, remove from your list. You can also have other ways of amassing followers, but be careful not to go overboard and alert the anti-spam functions of twitter. And of course, don't follow indiscriminately.

My previous posts have lists of links you can use when arguing immigration questions. Please don't link to these posts but to the articles the posts link. Also, check out the articles and make certain that what you are linking to is relevant to the thing you are arguing. Generally, a Tweet should say something like: "It's not a RW talking point. Ted Rall sees link between immigration, lower wages:".

Claims that Pro-Amnesty helped GOP candidates win
Responses to claims "enforcement has failed," "Senate bill is pro-enforcement," or claims of how much Obama has increased enforcement
Responding to poll-based propaganda
Quibbling over the term "amnesty"
Responses to those touting assimilation in 19th century as proof immigration won't hurt our culture
Links about the negative effect of immigration on wages
Links for pointing out the baleful influence of megadonors on immigration policy
Links for decrying Wall Street open-borders lobbying
Links for discussing negative impact of mass immigration on the environment
Pointing out how mass immigration hurts blacks

That is all.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Articles on Wall Street Perfidy on Immigration

Whenever someone from the business community (e.g. the Chamber of Commerce) starts touting mass immigration, you need to bring up the fact that several economists actively admit that they want to enrich Wall Street by destroying the Middle Class:

These are two blog posts about Tyler Cowen's The End of Average that point out that Tyler Cowen is essentially saying that his favored immigration policies will destroy the middle class and that they should shut up and take it:

Beans, the magical food by Dennis Mangan

Tyler Cowen: 90% of Americans will (and should) have a more bean-centric Mexican lifestyle by Steve Sailer.

Here's a post by Dennis Mangan interpreting an article by Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal:

Open Borders Journal to Class of 2012: Drop Dead

Here's a piece by Neil Munro debunking Steve Case's claim that the way to solve middle class job losses is more American worker displacement: Billionaire Steve Case says immigrants will offset middle class job losses

Examples of ways to use these links on Twitter and comments sections:

Someone brings up immigrant entrepreneurs creating jobs:
Twitter: .@[person you reply to] @SteveCase claims this too, but won't speculate on percentage of immigrants who are entrepreneurs.
Comment: Steve Case claims this too, but he refuses to speculate on what percentage of immigrants are entrepreneurs.

Someone says that immigration is a win-win:
Twitter: .@[person you reply to] Really? Then why do Open Borders advocates tell us to make do w/less, be more like Mexico?
.@[person you reply to] Really? Or do you just have contempt for those hurt by mass immigration, as Bret Stephens does?
Comment: The same people who keep pushing open borders are also pushing for us to accept an economy where 90% of people are below middle class. They think that anyone who cannot succeed in an overloaded workforce ought to shut up and serve their betters.

That is all.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Articles to Use to Point out Donor Influence on Immigration Policy

If you want to discredit the amnesty-pushers, you need to point out how large donors are trying to buy amnesty. This works best in conjunction with my previous post about wages, so that you can show the motive and then show who is pushing amnesty. This can be useful in three ways; first, as a talking point against conservatives who support amnesty as a way to reach out to Hispanics; you need to point out who is really driving the push for amnesty and what their motives are. Second, you can start pushing talk-show hosts like Howie Carr and Rush Limbaugh to be more critical of Adelson and the Kochs, rather than often defending them because leftists attack them. Third, you can use it to point out to liberals who is pushing for amnesty and why.

This is an article about GOP megadonors who are pushing amnesty.

Here is another article from Slate mentioning that the Koch brothers are pushing "immigration reform."

Similar article from Breitbart.

Bloomberg article on Koch Brothers' pro-amnesty leanings.

This article deals specifically with McDonald's.

Here is a rare instance of Rush Limbaugh calling out GOP megadonors on amnesty.

Here's the audio of Limbaugh tearing into the donors.

Here are articles about Mike Pence's immigration perfidy:

Mike Pence Is No Savior for American Conservatives by One Old Vet
Mike Pence's "W" worker visa illegal alien amnesty scheme by

and here is the reason, megadonor Helen Krieble:

Coloradan rides into immigration fray by M.E. Sprengelmeyer.

I'm making special mention of Carlos Slim:

Makes money exploiting poor Mexicans:
Article about an anti-Slim protest
An old NYTimes article about Slim gouging Mexican phone customers
Slim is against US border enforcement, favors increase immigration from Mexico
How Slim makes money from mass immigration.

Influence on US:
Slim 2nd largest owner of New York Times. This article also talks about his monopolistic practices gouging Mexicans.

Carlos Slim profiting from, and provoking, immigration from Mexico to US
More on Slim's ulterior motvies
An overview of the arguments against Slim.

Here are some special mentions of Robert Gittelson, head of "Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform"

: This is a puff piece promtoing Gittelson, but it surprisingly lets the cat out of the bag:
"For Gittelson, the personal side of immigration reform is also his life’s work. He made his living and built a business in an industry that in Los Angeles has historically been associated with cheap immigrant labor and garment sweatshops. But Gittelson adamantly denies ever having been part of any immigrant exploitation." Yeah, if you can't trust a guy in the rag trade...

That is all.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Articles to Use to Argue for Negative Impact of Mass Immigration on Environment

Here are some articles to link to in talking about the impact of mass immigration on the environment:

These are about the water supply in Texas and California, 2 heavily-hit states:

California Central Valley: Land Is Subsiding from Overuse of Water by Brenda Walker.
Senate Immigration Plotters Overlook Water Supply by Brenda Walker (note this article, which is given prominence)
The New Alamo? Water Wars in San Antone—Coming Soon to Your Community by Nicholas Stix.

Here is a website pointing out how the Sierra Club's support of immigration is due to the influence of rich donors. This can be useful if someone uses the Sierra Club's position to indicate that immigration is not an environmental issue, or simply to point out how the environmental movement is at risk ofbeing bought off:

Support US Population Stabilization - Support a Comprehensive Sierra Club Population Policy

In addition, if you want to further show that polluters can pay off the Sierra Club, link to this article about how they suppressed dissent on their endorsement of Clorox.

An article about the Sierra Club selling out to Clorox.

That is all.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Pressure These GOP Lawmakers to Recant their Support for HR 15!

These are the three Republicans who announced support for the House version of the Senate Immigration bill (H.R. 15). They claim there are more who will join them.

Jeff Denham.........(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepJeffDenham
David Valadao.......(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepDavidValadao
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.(FL)..(202) 225-3931....@RosLehtinen

Call them and tell them: "I cannot believe you are supporting the House immigration amnesty bill, H.R. 15. Please recant your support today. The only bipartisan bill I want to see considered in the House is Democrat John Barrow's H.R. 2124, the 'Keeping the promise of IRCA Act.' If you continue to support bills that provide legalization for illegal aliens, I will be encouraging people to primary you."

We need to nip this in the bud.

You can also call the other House members on this list and say:

"I hope you will not support the House immigration amnesty bill, H.R. 15. Please announce your opposition to this supposed 'immigration reform' bill today. The only bipartisan bill I want to see considered in the House is Democrat John Barrow's H.R. 2124, the 'Keeping the promise of IRCA Act.' People who support legalization bills like H.R. 15 will be primaried."

That is all.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Links for Arguing about DREAM Act/KIDS Act/BRIDGE Act/ Etc.

To people who ask about penalizing children for things they have no responsibility for, point out that current immigration law would allow people given citizenship under this act to sponsor their parents, who were responsible, and immigration advocates insist that this part of current law be maintained.

Point out that DREAM Act would take college educations and financial aid away from America citizens.

Article from the New York Times(!) admitting that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is slowing down processing of visa applications from legitimate foreign spouses, helping people who are here illegally at the expense of legal immigrants.


Crossing the border illegally is dangerous. Legalization of children who are here illegally is likely to encourage more crossings in the future. Without proper border security measures, will creating incentives for illegal border crossers to bring their children (or for people to smuggle their children here) simply encourage more people to take a dangerous risk? More on this.

Poll shows Americans overwhelmingly want any DACA deal to have an end to chain migration, an end to the visa lottery, and mandatory E-Verify.

CBO estimates that DREAM Act would cost $25.9 billion over ten years. Some analysis from FAIR here, and a suggestion that this is an underestimate here.

The public image of who "DREAMers" are is wrong.

Massive fraud likely in DACA program, little to no verification of age or school attendance.

Claims of devastation to economy if DACA ends ignores low workforce participation rate of millennials, relatively low output of DREAMers

Despite the attempts to imply that DACA recipients are mainly college or graduate students, An ESL program could qualify you for DACA

DACA polling promoted by the media is skewed.

DACA recipients can be people who come here as older teenagers (up to 17), make trips to their home countries, not speak or write English well, and still qualify.

When people talk about how DACA recipients serve the country in the military, point out that Fewer than 900 DACA recipients are in the military (~0.1%) .

73% of DACA-ites live in low-income households.

That is all.

Links for Responding to Claims that Being Pro-Amnesty Helped GOPers Win Hispanic Vote

Anthony Vidak, celebrated for winning in a majority Hispanic District, estimates he got only 25% of the Hispanic vote. Low Hispanic turnout was the major factor in his victory.

Low Hispanic turnout was the major factor in his victory.

Little to no evidence that immigration played a big role in Christie's performance with Hispanics.

(Another point to consider - if the Democrats had actually mounted a campaign against Christie, would he have done so well with Hispamnics? Geroge W. Bush did well with blacks in Texas as governor, but did much worse with blacks nationally running for President, partly because of all the attacks against the GOP as racist. wouldn't Christie's Hispanic support go much lower if he were actively attacked by Democrats, regardless of his positions?

That is all.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Answers to People who Claim Senate Amnesty Bill S. 744 is Pro-Enforcement or that Enforcement-Only Has Been Tried and Failed:

Huffington Post(!) article pointing out how none of the "tough enforcement provisions" of the Senate bill are really tough.

CBO says enforcement of S.744 would only decrease illegal immigration about 25% (assuming the enforcement provisions are honored).

Amnesty supporters telegraphing intention to stop future enforcement of immigration laws, making enforcement promises of S.744 empty.

Immigrations and Customs officials are being punished if they enforce the law. Why would anyone think that would that change under S744?

On claims that Obama is Super-Enforcer: In 2011 U.S. Deported lowest number of illegal aliens since 1973.

Deportations numbers decline in 2013.

Claims of Obama high-enforcement numbers result from doctoring the numbers.

Criminal alien arrests down 11 percent (so much for claim that Obama is concentrating on "dangerous" illegal aliens. This link also contains lots of other information, including "The number of deportations resulting from interior enforcement by ICE declined by 19 percent from 2011 to 2012, and is on track to decline another 22 percent in 2013," and that half of new removals in 2012 come from changing accounting methods.
An overview of how Obama misleads on deportations.

Border Patrol agents being told to flee when attacked; not to defend themselves.

Obama tells Border Patrol Agents to release illegal aliens and not tell them to appear at deportation hearings.

Detailed analysis of what's wrong with Gang of Eight.

That is all.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Articles on Immigration Polling

When someone tells you that the GOP is going to hurt its chances if it kills "comprehensive immigration reform (CIR)," kindly direct them to this article, showing them that only 32% of swing voters support "CIR," and only 12% support it strongly (cf. to 54% and 39% opposing and strongly opposing, respectively): Only one in eight centrist voters strongly back amnesty, says Obama’s polling firm.

Added 07/08/18: Americans desire to couple any DACA fix with mandatory E-Verify and ending chain migration.

Added 09/26/17:Breitbart on how pro-DACA Polling is misleading.

Added 09/17/17:Reuters shows more than half of voters polled want most or all illegal aliens deported. This is similar to what they wanted in 2015.

Added 05/05/15: American suport for border control hits four-year high, and Americans think border security is more important than legalizing illegal aliens by 63-30%.

Hispanics support "enforcement first" by 60% to 34%. The original poll (pdf) is here.

Pro-amnesty Brookings poll cooked the questions to get desired answers.

Center for Immigration Studies explains how polls get rigged.

24ahead on how pro-amnesty polls are manipulated and on who dishonestly promotes them.

Pulse opinion survey shows support for legalization of illegal aliens shaky; majority oppose mass amnesty.

Evangelicals overwhelmingly oppose mass amnesty and want tighter borders.

Mark Krikorian discusses another dishonest pro-amnesty poll from May 2014.

Gallup poll shows voters prefer immigration reduction to an immigration increase by a 41% to 22% margin (33% said "stay the same").

In Europe:

In Europe, majority of people who know immigrants well (58%) want a crackdown, although title of piece hides this.

65% of Spanish, British, Italian, oppose current high levels of immigration.

That is all.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Articles on Amnesty

When people deny Gang of Eight Immigration Bill is "amnesty," here is an article to link to in debunking that claim:

"Immigration Reform" Equals Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and Their Employers by Ronald W. Mortensen

It is also useful for people who say "we should punish the employers." Point out that the Gang of Eight bill pardons the employers.

Here's another overview from in the Huffington Post(!) pointing out how piddling the clauses in the Senate bill are that supposedly prevent hte bill form being an amnesty.

That is all.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Articles on Immigration and Assimilation

Here are more articles to link to on Twitter or on boards when discussing illegal immigration. These deal with claims that "we are a melting pot," and "they said the same thing about the Irish/Italians/Chinese, etc. and it all turned out okay."

Best strategy to use these: when replying to one of these claims, mention one or a few of the talking points found in these articles, and then link to the article.

On twitter, make as quick a response as possible, and include link to where the response is from: e.g. "But social pressures to assimilate/integrate that existed then are frowned on now, see"

Jeb Bush, Robert Putnam mislead about immigration and assimilation

Michael Barone's shallow, 2470-word logical fallacy ("A Nation Built for Immigrants", WSJ)

Evidence that immigrants are not assimilating:

Threat of Latino violence prevents wearing clothes w/American flag at school in California

Teacher at Pima Community College punished for wanting students to speak English during class

California state Senator wants bilingual education (i.e. reduce language assimilation).

That is all.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some Articles to Link When Arguing About Illegal Immigration and Wages

Whenever arguing with someone on a comment board or on Twitter, it is useful to be able to link to articles supporting your position.

Here are some articles about immigration "reform" and its effect on wages:

For making points with liberals:

Immigration Reform is Treason by Ted Rall
Labor & Economics [of Immigration] by Progressives for Immigration Reform
Why do we have Immigration when Unemployment is High? by Howard Foster
Immigration Reform 2013: McDonald's Supports Immigration Reform — But For All the Wrong Reasons by Charles Corra.
The following also show that enforcement/restricting immigration does have positive effect on wages, employment for less employable members of society: Stillmore: Crider Poultry employing homeless, felons instead of illegal aliens by
Farmers Face Labor Shortages As Workers Find Other Jobs by Gosia Wozniacka.
While the piece seems to argue for more immigration, it actually proves that limiting immigration increases wages:
Takeaway point to emphasize: Farmworkers, who make very little, have seen wages rise due to "shortage" caused by lack of "immigration reform."
Quotes from article (for comments and for Twitlonger posts, you'll need to learn to distill the message for Tweets) :
"But farmworkers, whose incomes are some of the lowest in the nation, have benefited, their wages jumping in California to $2 to $3 over the $8 hourly minimum wage and even more for those working piece rate."
"In the past, we were overrun with farmworkers. But not anymore," said labor contractor Jesus Mateo, whose crews saw a 20 percent pay increase. "Employers have to do something to attract them. The fastest workers can now earn more than $1,000 per week."
"The jump in spending on eating out comes as the number of immigrants available to work in kitchens shrinks and restaurant employees take jobs in other sectors of an improving labor market." Bloomberg obliquely references that lower immigration levels raise wages.

with conservatives:

This article from George Borjas indicates that immigration policy since 1965 takes $400 billion a year from workers and given it to business: Immigration and the American Worker
and this article by Ed Rubenstein indicates that the Senate bill will add another $100 billion a year to that: National Data | Schumer/ Rubio Would Loot $100 Billion Annually From American Workers And Redistribute It To—Mark Zuckerberg!.
Living Wages and Killing the Schumer Rubio Immigration Giveaway by Andrew Good
September Jobs: Immigrant Displacement of American Workers Reaches ANOTHER New High by Edwin S. Rubenstein
Companies deliberately manipulating hiring process to avoid hiring Americans: here here here and here

The STEM Crisis is a Myth
Is the STEM Shortage a Manufactured Crisis by Devon Merling
How Microsoft massages the data to create the appearance of a shortage by Daniel Costa
An example of the length tech companies go to to illegally screw workers over. Bring this up whenever someone mentions "fixes" tech companies want for their "labor shortages."
The Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist
Legalization as a "Wage Floor" by
Job Openings by Industry vs. Unemployed Americans by Economic Policy Institute.
Are there really jobs Americans won't do by Center for Immigration Studies
Companies Lay off Thousands then Demand Immigration Reform for New Labor
Companies running fake job ad so as to be able to pretend Americans won't take jobs so they can hire cheap foreigners. See above for VDARE articles on this.

When people argue that illegal aliens are already bringing down wages and legalizing them will just "bring them out of the shadows" and allow them to push for higher wages:

Immigration reform could increase California tax revenue, shift worker base, experts say by Eric Bradley. Takeaway point: legalizing illegal aliens would expand the number of jobs they would compete for, and reduce wages in more sectors than in the status quo.
Alternately, link to this post which distills the important parts.

That is all.

Make Them Listen Monday

Join the event on Facebook and on Monday, call your Representative and tell them "No 'comprehensive immigration reform!'"

We need to counter the 300 plutocrats who are coming to DC to push amnesty!

There's also a march.

And please re-tweet's Tweets!

Others to Re-Tweet:
Search for Make Them Listen Monday

For calls, in particular you need to call your own representative, as well as the Republican leaders:

Speaker John Boehner: (202 225-0600)
Majority Leader Eric Cantor: (202) 225-2815)
Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy: (202) 225-2915
Majority Conference Chair Cathy McMorris-Rodgers: 202-225-2006

That is all.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stop Traitorous Jeff Denham

California Representative Jeff Denham (not to be confused with Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist) has come out in favor of hte House comprehensive amnesty bill. He is the only Republican to do so.

Contact info:

Jeff Denham.........(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepJeffDenham

Call him and up let him know how disappointed you are that he wants increased immigration and to legalize those who came here illegally when there are so many unemployed Americans.

Here are some Tweets from his Twitter Account:

We can’t afford any more delays. The #TimeIsNow for real reform for our broken immigration system. @jorgeramosnews @AlPunto

I'm co-sponsoring HR 15 because real & effective #immigrationreform can't wait @alpunto @jorgeramosnews @repjoegarcia

Please reply to his Tweets or re-tweet those who have replied in anger to him. We need a cascade of negative reaction.

That is all.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Updated: Tell these GOP Lawmakers "No Legalization!"

According to America's Voice Online, a Treason Lobby group, the following Congressmen have indicated their support for a "pathway to citizenship" for illegal aliens:

Jeff Denham.........(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepJeffDenham
Don Young...........(AK)..(202) 225-5765....@RepDonYoung
David Valadao.......(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepDavidValadao
Darrell Issa........(CA)..(202) 225-3906....@DarrellIssa
Devin Nunes.........(CA)..(202) 225-2523....@DevinNunes
Mike Coffman........(CO)..(202) 225-7882....@RepMikeCoffman
Mario Diaz-Balart...(FL)..(202) 225-4211....@MarioDB
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.(FL)..(202) 225-3931....@RosLehtinen
Daniel Webster......(FL)..(202) 225-2176....@RepWebster
Raul Labrador.......(ID)..(202) 225-6611....@Raul_Labrador
Spencer Bachus......(IL)..(202) 225-4921....@BachusAL06
Aaron Schock........(IL)..(202) 225-6201....@aaronschock
Mark Amodei.........(NV)..(775) 686-5760....@MarkAmodeiNV2
Joe Heck............(NV)..(202) 225-3252....@RepJoeHeck
Michael Grimm.......(NY)..(202) 225-3371....@repmichaelgrimm
Pete King...........(NY)..(202) 225-7896....@RepPeteKing
James Lankford......(OK)..(202) 225-2132....@RepLankford
Greg Walden.........(OR)..(541) 776-4646....@repgregwalden
Mike Kelly..........(PA)..(202) 225-5406....@MikeKellyPA
Sam Johnson.........(TX)..(202) 225-4201....@SamsPressShop
John Carter.........(TX)..(202) 225-3864....@RepJohnCarter
Jason Chaffetz......(UT)..(202) 225-7751....@jasoninthehouse
Chris Stewart.......(UT)..(202) 225-9730....@repchrisstewart
David Reichert......(WA)..(202) 225-7761....@davereichert
Sean Duffy..........(WI)..(202) 225-3365....@RepSeanDuffy
Paul Ryan...........(WI)..(202) 225-3031....@PRyan

Note that Mark Sanford was erroneosuly included in the initial post, as he had been included in VOA's original poster. As it turns out, he had predicted that "comprehensive immigration reform" would pass, but had said that he opposed it.

Now, looking at the quotes, this doesn't necessarily mean they support anything that is actually currently on the table. However, it is important to generate pushback to keep the House GOP in line.

What to do:

First, call these Representatives (DC Office numbers above) and tell them somethign along the lines of (but see below): "My name is [NAME - if you are a constituent, give your address and phone number as well; if you donated to their campaigns or to campaigns of other Congressman, bring this up] I've heard that [Congressman/woman's name] has made statements in favor of a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. This is unacceptable. We should not be legalizing illegal aliens, let alone giving them a pathway to citizenship so that they can vote and determine the direction of this nation. The proper policy is enforcement of our laws and attrition through enforcement, aka self-deportation. The Congressman/woman should recant any and all statements made supporting a pathway to citizenship. Thank you for your time.

The part in bold you may want to alter to respond to the specific quote for the person you are calling. For example, Mike Coffman has been quoted as saying:

“(Coffman) believes comprehensive immigration reform — increased border security and a provisional legal status for the millions of undocumented people living in the United States now — needs to happen mostly simultaneously. Then, when it has been proven the border is secure a pathway to apply for legal citizenship should be opened for all undocumented people, he said.”

Given this, his staffer can claim that he is very much for increased border security. He can snow you. You should point out specifically that he said that provisional legal status should occur simultaneously with border security and that this is unacceptable. There should be no legalization, period, before the border is secure (whether there should be any after it is secure (the answer is no) you do not need to bring up right now).

I will try to get some pre-written tweets to re-tweet and add them to this post.

That is all.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Another way to Fight Amnesty

The Orange One on Twitter has a bunch of good Tweets for re-tweeting getting after amnesty-supporting House GOP members.

The relevant tweets are currently near the top, but they will be from late Sep 30 to early Oct 1, in case you get this post in a day or two when they are farther down.

That is all.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The American Conservative is Worthless

Reading these blog posts on Obamacare, Rod Dreher Daniel Larison, which treat the conservative wing of the GOP as if they were the extremists and the Democrats as if they were a sane party (rather than the rabidly anti-American, anti-white globalists they are).

It's official. I agree with the Occam's Razor blog: The American Conservative should fold.

That is all.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Commenting Against Amnesty of Huffington Post

Please go to this page on the Huffington Post and post comments defending California farm workers getting higher wages. Claims of a "worker shortage" are just the whinings of stingy employers. If you have to open an account, do so, and be aware that your coment may be in moderation for a while.

Also, tweet to Gosia Wozniacka about why higher wages are good and we don't need amnesty/immigration reform to "solve" the "problem." This is the best post to reply to (and please re-tweet any other replies that are on our side): here.

That is all.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Red October March Against White Genocide in South Africa

On October 10, 2013, there will be events around the world protesting the oppression of whites in the new post-Apartheid South Africa.

Sign the petition, join or start an event, and fight against white genocide.

That is all.

Another way to tweet against amnesty:

Alaa Mukahhal, an illegal alien used by Dick Durbin to promote DREAM Act-like amnesties, was discovered to have posted Facebook pages trashing the U.S. and Israel.

Go to the AlaaMukahhal hashtag and re-tweet all of the Tweets that talk about her.

And while you are at it, has some more generic questions about the DREAM Act/KIDS Act/DACA amnesties that you might want to post on your blogs, Tweet to people, or Tweet the link to people.

"You support the DREAM Act, which would have the impact of letting newly-legalized illegal aliens take college educations away from U.S. citizens. What would you say to a U.S. citizen who can't go to college because of the bill you support?"

That is all.

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte Looking to Push Amnesty

Bob Goodlatte has gone beyond the KIDS Act to propose legal status for all illegal aliens in the U.S..

Call him at (202) 225-5431 and tell him that you do not want amnesty. If you are not a constituent, and you get asked for your address, give the staffer your address, but tell him that you are going to tell your representative not to support him for the chairmanship. If you have donated to political campaigns in the past, remind him of that. If you can't vote for him, try to find something you do do that will give you leverage.

Also, tweet him at his Twitter account.

Here are some tweets you can re-tweet or base your tweet on:

Millions of Americans unemployed
Do you know who they are?
Why reward lawless racist invaders

That is all.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sam Johnson and John Carter Drop Out of House "Gang of Seven"

John Carter and Sam Johnson dropped out of the House "Gang of Seven" Amnesty group, citing distrust at Obama enforcing immigration law as the reason.

While they are still hoping for an eventual amnesty, they should be thanked for this small favor (to encourage them).

Here are two things you can do:

Re-tweet this message.

Call them and thank them for deciding to put immigration reform on hold until our current laws are enforced, ask them to sign on to Rep. Louie Gohmert's effort for the House to pass a resolution demanding Obama enforce the law before any new laws are passed, and ask them to tell Rep. Goodlatte on the Judiciary Committee not to work to pass any immigration legislation as long as Obama is ignoring our laws.

Contact info:
Sam Johnson.........(TX)..(202) 225-4201....@SamsPressShop
John Carter.........(TX)..(202) 225-3864....@RepJohnCarter

That is all.

Monday, September 16, 2013

House Leadership Meeting with Zuckerberg Thursday

Via VDARE: Thursday House GOP leaders are meeting with Mark Zuckerberg.

Obviously, he wants to encourage them to pass amnesty legislation similar to the Senate bill, or at least to pass legislation increasing legal immigration.

Please call the following Hosue leaders and remind them the American peopel do not want amnesty.

Speaker John Boehner: (202 225-0600)
Majority Leader Eric Cantor: (202) 225-2815)
Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy: (202) 225-2915
Majority Conference Chair Cathy McMorris-Rodgers: 202-225-2006

Suggested model for call:

Hello, my name is [NAME, if in their district include address and phone #]. I have heard that the Hosue Republican leadeership is meeting with Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday. Given that Zuckerberg's organization ran a very dishonest series of ads a few months ago promoting the Senate amnesty bill, I am disturbed by this. I just want to remind [Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor, Majority Whip McCarthy, Majority Chair McMorris-Rodgers] that the voters do not want increased legal immigration or legalization for people who are here illegally. Mark Zuckerberg wants to flood this country with cheap labor in order to make an extra billion or two. Please at the meeting stand up to him and tell him that the American people will not have it.

In addition, you can tweet Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy. Their addresses are in this Tweet of mine. Alternately, you can just re-tweet it.

That is all.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tweet to Steve Case, Tell Him "No Amnesty!"

Steve Case recently had an editorial in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), promoting the execrable Senate Amnesty Bill (S. 744) as if it were a mostly good bill, and people who opposed it were just being too demanding. The reason, of course, is that he wants to cheat Americans out of good jobs by giving them to low-wage foreigners. Of course, he didn't quite say it that way; he said it more in the terms of us needing to make certain we can attract and retain "the best talent" from around the world, as if the U.S. were nothing more than a corporation and helping the corporate bottom line were the only important issue.

My suggestion: Go to his Twitter page and Tweet him with explanations of why amnesty is a bad deal. Preferably, reply to his posts or Tweet him along with someone who re-tweeted or favorited his post. If you find anyone else Tweeting against him, re-tweet their Tweet.

If you want examples to base your Tweets on, or want to find good Tweets to re-tweet, here are some of mine:

STEM worker shortage a myth
It's not talent, it's cheapness
Immigrants will take more than they make
Senate Bill terrible, destroying country for cheap workers

That is all.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jamiel Shaw II

This is a website devoted to Jamiel Shaw II, a young black man who was murdered by a (DREAM Act, DACA-eligible) illegal alien who was released from custody due to sanctuary cities policy.

His story has been promoted by Michelle Malkin and Larry Elder, but it needs more national exposure in order to keep the pressure up against amnesty, whether through a bill in Congress, or by Obama ignoring the law even more.

Please ask the following talk show hosts to try to get Jamiel Shaw Sr. (the father) on their show, or at least to talk about the case.

You can email them using their email address or contact page, you can send them a tweet, or you can re-tweet my previously written tweet:

Rush Limbaugh email twitter retweet

Sean Hannity email twitter retweet

Howie Carr email twitter retweet

Glenn Beck email twitter retweet

That is all.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Prayer for the Day

Dear LORD:

Please bless the Syrian people and pour Your Holy Spirit out on them so that they may turn to You for healing and peace.

Please forgive America, Lord God almighty, and help us to turn to You and repent.

Please raise up heroes to stop the evil that is rotting us from within and to save us from wicked rulers.

When hope seems lost, remind us to trust in You.


Sunday, September 08, 2013

Dr. Adel

Why is the GOP composed of so many RINOs?

Dr. Adel! (Sheldon Adelson)

That is all.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Tell These GOP Lawmakers "NO LEGALIZATION!"

According to America's Voice Online, a Treason Lobby group, the following Congressmen have indicated their support for a "pathway to citizenship" for illegal aliens:

Jeff Denham.........(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepJeffDenham
David Valadao.......(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepDavidValadao
Darrell Issa........(CA)..(202) 225-3906....@DarrellIssa
Devin Nunes.........(CA)..(202) 225-2523....@DevinNunes
Mike Coffman........(CO)..(202) 225-7882....@RepMikeCoffman
Mario Diaz-Balart...(FL)..(202) 225-4211....@MarioDB
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.(FL)..(202) 225-3931....@RosLehtinen
Daniel Webster......(FL)..(202) 225-2176....@RepWebster
Raul Labrador.......(ID)..(202) 225-6611....@Raul_Labrador
Spencer Bachus......(IL)..(202) 225-4921....@BachusAL06
Aaron Schock........(IL)..(202) 225-6201....@aaronschock
Mark Amodei.........(NV)..(775) 686-5760....@MarkAmodeiNV2
Joe Heck............(NV)..(202) 225-3252....@RepJoeHeck
Michael Grimm.......(NY)..(202) 225-3371....@repmichaelgrimm
Pete King...........(NY)..(202) 225-7896....@RepPeteKing
James Lankford......(OK)..(202) 225-2132....@RepLankford
Greg Walden.........(OR)..(541) 776-4646....@repgregwalden
Mike Kelly..........(PA)..(202) 225-5406....@MikeKellyPA
Mark Sanford........(SC)..(202) 225-3176....@RepSanfordSC
Sam Johnson.........(TX)..(202) 225-4201....@SamsPressShop
John Carter.........(TX)..(202) 225-3864....@RepJohnCarter
Jason Chaffetz......(UT)..(202) 225-7751....@jasoninthehouse
David Reichert......(WA)..(202) 225-7761....@davereichert
Paul Ryan...........(WI)..(202) 225-3031....@PRyan

Now, looking at the quotes, this doesn't necessarily mean they support anything that is actually currently on the table. However, it is important to generate pushback to keep the House GOP in line.

What to do:

First, call these Representatives (DC Office numbers above) and tell them "My name is [NAME - if you are a constituent, give your address and phone number as well; if you donated to their campaigns or to campaigns of other Congressman, bring this up] I've heard that [Congressman/woman's name] has made statements in favor of a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. This is unacceptable. We should not be legalizing illegal aliens, let alone giving them a pathway to citizenship so that they can vote and determine the direction of this nation. The proper policy is enforcement of our laws and attrition through enforcement, aka self-deportation. The Congressman/woman should recant any and all statements made supporting a pathway to citizenship. Thank you for your time.

Second, tweet one of these to their accounts (listed above):

This is outrageous:
Please recant. #Nolegalization #Noamnesty #Attrition #selfdeportation

WHAT? A #pathwaytocitizenship is not acceptable #Noamnesty #Attrition #selfdeportation

Voters don't want #legalization or #pathwaytocitizenship #Attrition #selfdeportation

You support what? America rejects a #pathwaytocitizenship! #nolegalization #noamnesty

Or, you can re-tweet these:
Denham and Issa
Diaz-Balart and Valadao
Nunes and Coffman
Ros-Lehtinen and Webster
Labrador and Bachus
Aaron Schock and Mark Amodei
Joe Heck and John Carter
Peter King and James Lankford
Greg Walden and Mike Kelly
Mark Sanford and Sam Johnson
Michael Grimm and Paul Ryan
Jason Chaffetz and Dave Reichert

I will come up with other tweets soon, but the above Tweets have room for 20-30 characters, so you can send it to 1 or 2 reps at a time.

That is all.

Monday, September 02, 2013

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to Start Promoting Amnesty on September 8: How to Fight Back!

The Catholic Church's political arm will be promoting amnesty starting on September 8.

VDARE has the goods on this here, including mentions of an adulatory report on the campaign by the Carlos-Slim backed New York Times.

What to do? The branch of the church that is leading this is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Email the point-man via link or via cut and paste: "Kevin Appleby"

Contact the USCCB using its webform or by calling 1-202-541-3000.

Talking points:
Promising amnesty encourages more dangerous border crossings and thus increases border deaths.
"Comprehensive Immigration Reform" will flood the labor market, and thereby lower wages and increase U.S. poverty, while enriching plutocrats.
If you have a twitter account, you can send tweets to their addresses:

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Cardinal Dolan (USCCB president)
Kim Daniels (Dolan's spokeswoman)
Archbishop Gomez of L.A.
You can tweet them messages, or you can click on their tweets, find out who is favoriting or re-tweeting them, and tweet to them. Tweet talking points to them, and if you mention border crossing deaths, include the link. Or you can find people who follow USCCB or whom USCCB follows.

That is all.

Black American Leadership Alliance Fighting Amnesty

The "We Are America Tour" starts on September 4 in Richmond, Virginia.

Please do everything you can to promote this.

Here is more information

Tweet this to promote the September 7 Phoenix rally.

That is all.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time to Impeach Obama

Obama is now telling Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) not to detain illegal aliens who are parents.

Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has complained about this, but a complaint is not enough.

It is time to tell Congress that they need to issue an ultimatum. Obama needs to enforce our immigration laws or face impeachment.

Call Speaker John Boehner and Chairman Goodlatte, as well as Homeland Security Chair Mike McCaul, and the Homeland Security and Judiciary Committees, and tell them:

"Hello, my name is [name] (include your address if you are in their district). Obama is slowly dismantling the enforcement of our immigration laws. I am pleased to hear that House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte has objected to this, but the time for talk is over. You need to tell Obama that if he does not start enforcing our laws, you will begin impeachment proceedings. At the very least, we need an investigation into the lack of immigration enforcement. Please, we need to take decisive action to stop Obama's administrative amnesty."

Boehner: 202-225-0600
House Judiciary Committee: 202-225-3951
Goodlatte: 202-225-5431 (Jud. Com. Chairman)
Homeland Security Committee:(202) 226-8417
Mike McCaul (Homeland Sec. Com. Chairman): 202-225-2401

That is all.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Call These Congressmen and Ask Them to Unite

Update: I accidentally said that Barrow was from the fourth district of Georgia. He is actually from the twelfth.

Call these Republican Congressmen and ask them to see if John Barrow of Georgia is willing to work with them to stop amnesty:

Lou Barletta: (202) 225-6511
Steve King: (202) 225-4426
Louie Gohmert: (202) 225-3035

Sample message: My name is [your name]. I am pleased to hear about Congressman (King/Barletta/Gohmert)'s strong opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens. Did you realize that there is at least one Democrat who is also opposed to amnesty and who wants any immigration reform to be enforcement only? John Barrow, of the twelfth district of Georgia. He is part of the no-labels movement and might be willing to join with you in a united bipartisan front against amnesty, to counter the "bipartisan front" supporting it. Please talk to his staff and see about whether this is possible.

Call John Barrow and ask him to talk to them about working with them to stop amnesty:

John Barrow: (202) 225-2823

Sample message: My name is [your name]. I am pleased that Congressman John Barrow realizes the devastation that the amnesty bill would have on working people and that he opposes amnesty. I know that Barrow is part of the "no-labels" movement for bipartisan solutions. Has he considered trying to contact anti-amnesty GOP Congressmen such as Lou Barletta, Louie Gohmert or Steve King and forming a coalition on this issue?

That is all.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Attempt to Destroy White America

Unless your neighborhood is sufficiently non-white, it's evil.

This is part of a larger campaign to complete the dispossession of white Americans.

White people and non-whites who are not hostile to white interests need to get ready. Things are going to have to change, and the first step is to clear our minds of the cultural Marxist programming.

And ultimately it all depends on whites turning back to God - God has used us as the backbone maintaining his church for two millennia, and if we stop honoring Him, He will stop protecting us. And yes, this means evangelizing and supporting the evangelizing of other races.

Thanx and a tip o' the hat to Paul Kersey.

That is all.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Eric Cantor Wants to Put States Back Under Federal Preclearance

He has announced he will be working with Dems to replace the portions of the Voting Rights Act that the Supreme Court struck down.

Given that the only likely effect of this will be to stifle attempts to prevent voter fraud, what the Hell is he doing?

Call Eric Cantor's office at 202-225-2815 and tell him that the Voting Rights Act protections the Court left in place are enough to protect the right to vote.

That is all.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

One member of the House GOP leadership has guts

Kevin McCarthy says: Enforcement before we even talk about amnesty!

This is something we need to encourage.

Call him at (202) 225-2915 and tell him "Thank you for announcing that enforcement must come before we can even consider amnesty."

Donate to his campaign here.

That is all.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fight Back Against the Slave Power

The National Association of Manufacturing is pimping amnesty. There are a lot of angry replies. Start re-tweeting, folks.

That is all.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More 24Ahead dot Com Tweets

In a recent article on Mother Jones, Tim Murphy lies about what Steve King said about illegal alien DREAMers being drug mules:

"In July, he warned the conservative site Newsmax that most undocumented immigrants "weigh 130 pounds and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert."

No, he said that there were more drug mules than valedictorians, that is, that the best-case scenario sob stories that amnesty supporters are outliers. has come out against it on his Twitter account. Here are a list of Tweets on the issue that you need to re-tweet.

Please re-tweet
Please re-tweet
Please re-tweet
Please re-tweet
Please re-tweet
Please re-tweet
Please re-tweet

Also, if you are going to a Town Hall of some other event where you can talk to an amnesty supporter, here are questions to ask on the DREAM Act.

That is all.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Call These Representatives Now

Both of these AINOs (Americans in Name Only) recently expressed support for "Comprehensive immigration reform," Valadao in conjunction with arch-traitor Luis Gutierrez, and Denham in a town hall where he praised the execrable Senate bill. (I don't have the links immediately available and am too worried about getting enraged to look them up right now).

Call them:

David Valadao: (202) 225-4695
Jeff Denham: (202) 225-4540

Tell them: "Hello, my name is [], (if you are in their district, give your address and phone number). I heard that you recently came out in favor of so-called 'comprehensive immigration reform,' which of course, means legalization for those who violated our laws to come or stay here. Moreover, it means increased legal immigration for the foreseeable future, driving American wages down and impoverishing our middle and lower classes. Please reverse this position and oppose legalization. Otherwise, those who care about the American people will make certain that you are primaried in the next election, and removed from power."

That is all.

Thoughts on Voter ID Laws

We are often told that voter ID laws are all about voter suppression. That's a lie, we just want to make certain that elections are honest (and I suspect that there is a lot more voter fraud than we are told, it just is very hard to prove).

Having said that, one should point out that high minority voting turnout is what brought us Detroit, Oakland, Birmingham, and soon Philadelphia.

That is all.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Time to Tell the NRA to Put Up or Shut Up

Amnestying illegal aliens would be horrible for gun rights, as those aliens would overwhelmingly be liberal and for gun control.

Why is Gun Owners of America the only gun lobby to recognize this?

Call the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action) at 1-800-392-VOTE (1-800-392-8683) or email them using their form, and tell them:

"The biggest threat to our gun rights is the amnesty bill that the Senate passed, S. 744. It would legalize millions of illegal aliens who would overwhelmingly vote for gun control. If you ever want to see me donate to the NRA again, you need to follow the lead of Gun Owners of America and come out against the legalization of illegal aliens, whether it is called "amnesty" "immigration reform" or what-have-you. If you cannot do that, what good are you?"

Also, please re-tweet this.

That is all.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Please Re-Tweet This!

A Tweet by 24aheaddotcom, responding to this Tweet. 24ahead is asking "Fran" how to defend against the charge that Zuckerberg is supporting "immigration reform" just to lower wages - essentially he is trying to make her think about the consequences of amnesty on working people's wages.

If you are on Twitter, please click on the first Tweet and re-tweet it. And please follow 24aheaddotcom and re-tweet those of his Tweets that ask penetrating questions of amnesty supporters (I would be a little cautious about re-tweeting tweets that attack other amnesty opponents as ineffective, though).

24aheaddotcom is attacking amnesty by discrediting it. Please help him. Twitter is an incredibly easy way to do so. We'll probably need to do much more than this, but let's start small, okay?

That is all.

Thoughts on Riley Cooper

On the castigation of Riley Cooper for saying "Nigger" vs. the lauding of players accused (admittedly, in the case of Lewis, acquitted) of murder:

Which is a Crime in Jim Snow America? A Black Man Committing Murder, or a White Man Saying “Nigger”?

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Riley Cooper Would Have Got in Less Trouble for Committing Murder" by Paul Kersey

I have only one thing to say.

That is all.

Signs of Life in England

According to Barracuda Brigade, the British Military is Enrolling in Mass Numbers in English Defence* League.

It's always good to see signs of life on the Dead Island.

Of course, without a major revival and a turn to God, there is no foundation on which to build in order to bring these signs into a full-fledged resuscitation.

That is all.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

A Win for Voter Integrity in California

Appeals Court upholds voter ID law in Wisconsin. This was the only state with a judiciary hold on voter ID.

With so much against us, we should celebrate and praise the LORD for our victories.

That is all.

Even CNN Starting to Put out Information Regarding Ben-Ghazi

Greta congratulates and thanks a competitor

That is all.

Where is Jason Richwine?

Since he was let go by the Heritage Foundation, what has happened to Jason Richwine? I think someone should set up a fund to support him. People who are destroyed by the PC media need to know that they have allies who will back them up.

That is all.

White Student Union in Georgia

Patrick Sharp has followed the lead of Matthew Heimbach at Towson University.

Goof doe him. It is time that whites started standing up for themselves.

That is all.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Quote for the Year - This Says it All

"What makes liberals skeptical about anti-white discrimination is that whites aren't failures. That is, they don’t fill the jails, they’re not on welfare that much, they do a lot of the important jobs in society, and they keep passing standardized tests."

- James Fulford

That is all.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

France Cutting Welfare Benefits to Muslim Immigrants

If this report is accurate, it is good news.

We need to publicize this, celebrate it, and use it as an example of what needs to be done - as a start.

That is all.

Reinforcing Steve King on Opposition to KIDS Act

Steve King recently came out against the KIDS Act, and stood his ground in the face of strong opposition.

He needs support.

Here are a list of Congressmen to call and ask to come out in support of King and to oppose the leadership on the KIDS Act:

Louie Gohmert: (202) 225-3035

Steve Stockman: (202) 225-1555

Lamar Smith: (202) 225-4236

That is all.

Four Major Aspects of Fighting Amnesty

I am going to try to make some posts about fighting the amnesty bill that is going to fought over in the House in October. I will also be writing posts about taking back the country on other fronts. However, let's start with one thing and then branch out, because much of what we need to do here is the same thing we need to do on the other issues.

(1) First, and most easily, we need to influence the milieu. This basically means that we need to be constantly calling, faxing, visiting our Representatives (and Senators, as any bill has to go back through the Senate once or maybe twice). We need to be calling House members and Senate members who propose bad ideas, or say bad things, and constantly correct them. This is the general grassroots strategy of NumbersUSA and Gun Owners of America. This is important because it shows the legislators how many people are strongly opposed to amnesty, and forms a base for our other activism. Get signed up at NumbersUSA and Gun Owners of Americafor action alerts, and send all of them out. In addition, when you hear about, e.g, Eric Cantor supporting a DREAM Act-like amnesty, find his contact information (on his House website or on NumbersUSA) and call him. Don't just do the actions these websites suggest, keep calling your Senators and Representative with your own idea, and call other legislators who are relevant on the issue (e.g. the chairman of whatever committee is about to meet, anyone who says something pro-amnesty, etc.).

(2) Second, we need to discredit amnesty talking points. No matter how strong the grassroots, as long as our opponents control the talking points, it is hard to get through. This mean writing letters to the editor exposing lies, conflicts of interest, etc., asking people tough, specific questions in town hall meetings, and recording them answering, etc. It means calling and contacting all forms of media and telling them your opinion. has an entire website about this.

(3) Third we need to change the narrative and open up new possibilities. This means supporting ideas like repealing birthright citizenship, proclaiming the need for an immigration moratorium, defending folks like Jason Richwine when he says that Hispanics have, on average, lower IQs, etc. As long as we let our opponents set the parameters of the debate, we are fighting with one hand tied behind our back. Steve King scored a major publicity victory when he said that illegal alien kids who were drug mules vastly outnumbered valedictorians, and then refused to back down. Once people have to deal with forbidden ideas, and once we force our enemies to deal with us on our terms, we can control the narrative. Where to start? Read VDARE and start disseminating its ideas. From VDARE, you should be able to find other excellent websites. The goal is to get ideas that VDARE plants, and to get them to percolate up through the more prominent websites to talk radio/alternative media, to cable media, to network and newspaper media. Find new and exciting ideas that go against the prominent media narrative, get them as much exposure as you can, and whenever they move up a level in media, give your support so that they will grow at the new level (e.g. talk up Rush Limbaugh bringing up the influence of megadonors on the GOP's position on amnesty). Keep pushing new ideas up from the bottom, using Twitter, blogs, comment boards, etc.

(4) Fourth we need to support heroes around whom we can rally. Steve King, Louie Gohmert, and Steve Stockman are probably the best people right now to support in the House, and Jeff Sessions in the Senate. Call them and thank them for their strong stance, and donate to their campaigns. Call any legislator who unfairly criticizes them and tell them that you support the heroes. Tell them that you are angry that they are not standing by people who are speaking the truth. Especially go out of your way to thank John Barrow, a rare Democrat who is extremely strong on the pro-enforcement issue. But the main goal is to give support to the heroes, and to encourage others to join them. This will (a) give us someone to rally around, and (b) create a source of publicity for anti-amnesty ideas.

That is all for now.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Prayer for the Day July 28, 2013

Dear LORD God:

Thank you for raising patriots like Steve King and Louie Gohmert to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.

Please help them to get their message out, and help us to resist efforts by the Amnesty crowd to destroy our country. Please God, let your grace break the Satanic spell that causes so many to think that the Bushes are epitomies of conservatism, or that establishment figures like Karl Rove represent real conservatism. Help us to speak out in love against evil, and strengthen the heroes and refine their positions to remove any traces of pro-treason propaganda that may remain.

Please pour out Your grace and save our country form the dictatorial aims of those in power, which try to circumvent process in order to impose their will on the people.

And please cleanse our hearts and make us holy so that we may walk with You and have fellowship and intimacy with You and may overcome in our own lives the things we deplore in our culture, our society, and the sin-soaked world at large.

In Jesus' name we pray,


Support Steve King's Fight Against Mini-Amnesties!

Update: Ted Poe added as an opponent. See VDARE article Hate Fact Hysteria: They (Including GOP Leadership) Come For Steve King. They Can Get Lost

Congressman Steve King recently remarked about how a DREAM-Act-like amnesty "for the children" would actually allow a lot of people who are juvenile delinquents who came here of their own free will (rather than being dragged here by their parents) to get legal status (And eventual citizenship).

He has been attacked by DREAMer-supporters (House Majority Leader) Eric Cantor, (House Speaker) John Boehner, and (former "Gang of Eight" member) Raul Labrador, all Republicans.

King responded brilliantly on CNN Wednesday night.

What you can do:

Call John Boehner:
Call Eric Cantor:
Call Raul Labrador:
(202) 225-6611
Call Ted Poe:
(202) 225-6565

Tell them: "I support Steve King. Any amnesty would be a bad idea, and King's point is a valid one that no one has actually challenged factually. Stop attacking King and listen to him! Address his arguments rather than liberal caricatures of them!"

And donate to his campaign! Money talks!

That is all.

Thank Steve Stockman for Ben-Ghazi Discharge Petition

Because of Boehner's lack of action, Steve Stockman has filed a discharge petition to get a Select Committee on the Ben-Ghazi investigation.

Good for him!

While my primary issue has been fighting against amnesty, I think it is becoming apparent that the only way to stop the government from destroying the traditional American people is going to be to completely overtake the current establishment. Boehner's weakness on the Ben-Ghazi incident is of a piece with his weakness on amnesty and Obamacare.

Plus, completely destroying Obama publicly for his many crimes may be the only way to stop his "amnesty by fiat" or other anarcho-tyrannical acts. Moreover, a real opposition is needed if Obama is to be stopped.

The current House leadership is not that opposition, and any time that the grass roots asserts itself we will take a little more power back, either through getting Boehner removed, or through getting the spineless leaders to be more scared of us than whoever they are scared of now.

You can thank Congressman Stockman on Facebook and donate to his re-election here.

Gohmert is also out in front on this issue.


That is all.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Request

If you have a Twitter account, please block "Carlos D. Whackobird" @Just_a_Texan . He maliciously blocked me because I said something negative about George W. Bush, and I have to deal with account suspension now. I only replied to his Tweet once, it's not like I was harassing him.

That is all.

Trayvon Martin Meets Christopher Cervini

So far, the only Art on DeviantArt pointing out the lack of a racial double standard in self-defense cases.

That is all.

What Texas Republicans Should Do

If Eric Holder wants to declare war on state voter ID laws, some group of Texas Republicans should get together and decide to vote multiple times under multiple names in multiple precincts. Basically, any type of voter fraud that can be committed due to the lack of voter identification they should commit as much of as they can get away with.

While this group should not in and of itself go public, some spokesmen should go public and declare that they know of voters who have said that if Holder holds up the ID law, they plan on voting multiple times under false names, and that attempts to facilitate vote fraud will be met by opponents of pro-vote fraud policies committing as much of it as they can get away with.

You want it, you got it.

That is all.

Is Republican National Committee Supporting Eric Holder's Attempt to Facilitate Voter Fraud in Texas?

Yes, according to Pajamas Media.

Yet another reason not to give to the RNC.

That is all.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hashtags to Promote

Hate amnesty? Hate RINOs? Hate AINOs* of both parties?

Make sure to tweet messages with these hashtags:




It all started with Cato the Elder.

*Americans in name only

That is all.

What if George Zimmerman were Black and Trayvon Martin Were White?

The Roderick Scott - Chris Cervini case.

My thoughts: Cervini was a thieving, drunk, meth-head. What happened was sad, but his parents need to place the blame where it belongs.

That is all.

Stand Your Ground Not Being Applied Discriminatorially

Ace of Spades takes down the claims about Marissa Alexander that are made by the leftist media. (Essentially, she is a black woman who has been sentenced for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband.

While this case may be an injustice, it is not a problem of racism or of discriminatorily applied laws, but of gun control laws.

That is all.

The Blaze Covers Black American Leadership Alliance's March for Jobs

BALA needs more love!

That is all.

We Have Stopped Being the Leader of the World Due to Political Correctness and Government Corruption

Daniel Greenfield at the Canada Free Press explains how far we have fallen.

That is all.

It's Time to Reward Patriotism and to Show the Democrats Anti-Amnesty is Bipartisan

Georgia Democratic Representative John Barrow insists that border security come before discussing amnesty.

Donate to his campaign here, and make sure to comment in the space provided that you are giving because he opposes amnesty.

Post to his Facebook Page here.

That is all.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Strategy for Letter-Writing to Papers

If your paper is writing a large number of pro-amnesty columns, and limits on letter writing mean you can't respond to all of them, get together a group of friends and every time there is a pro-amnesty column, send it to them and assign one of them the task of writing the letter. If you don't have a lot of friends who can write well, have those who can write ghost-write the letters for them. Spread the duties around, so that one or two letters get sent for every column.

That is all.

It's Not Our Immigration System That Is Broken

It is our anti-discrimination system. Most of our problems enforcing immigration law could be solved if (a) we stopped worrying about racial profiling and (b) if we stopped worrying about disparate impact.

That is all.

Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead

Helen Thomas dead at 92.

Ding dong the witch is dead
Which old witch, the wicked witch
Ding dong the wicked witch is dead
In the after life I wish her well
But let's get real, she's burning in Hell
Ding dong that evil witch is dead
While she's there, I think I heard
She's saying hello to Frank Lautenberg
Ding dong, freedom's enemies are dead

That is all.

Planting Anti-Amnesty Seeds could also use donations. Go to any of his posts (here is a recent one) and click on the PayPal button (or click if the pop-up appears when you visit the site). Please donate, it's very important!

It appears that nothing will be passed by the House on immigration before the August recess. So that gives us a little time to do some long-term seed planting against amnesty (but keep calling your Congresspeople and the GOP leadership and keeping doing all of the anti-amnesty actions I mentioned before - we should be planting seeds, but we need to buy all the time we can for them to grow, and we need to make certain that there are no surprises in the next two weeks).

One thing I strongly suggest: Visit's site and start familiarizing yourself with his tactics. If we can discredit amnesty proponents, that will help turn the tide.

Unfortunately, his methods may seem a little complicated and intimidating at first - so, start planting seeds now that will blossom in a week or two. Try some of the easier ideas, and then it will be easier to move on to harder ones.

His easiest idea is using Twitter to discredit amnesty pushers. Go to Twitter and start an account, or if you have an account, go to his Twitter account. Follow him, and then start re-tweeting some of his tweets. Any tweet with a word that has "@" in front of it directs to a specific person as well as to his followers. Re-tweet a few of these. I don't know how much re-tweeting might get the Twitter anti-spam squad to monitor you, so do only five, and then tweet a few other things and then tweet a few more. If you know more about this, do your Re-Tweeting according to your knowledge.

Only Re-Tweet things that are on-point and that have "@" someone in them.

Please, Glaivester readers, start following!

That is all for now. More to come.