Monday, January 17, 2011

Women in the Military

At the risk of becoming obsessed with Alas, let me point out how STUPID this post there is.

Apparently, being concerned about men would react to women in combat is "coddling" them.

Yet, apparently "the angry black woman" thinks that we need to accommodate pregnancies in the military, and has nothing to say about the lowered physical standards for women, or notices that if men treated women the same way they treat other men, they would likely be sued for harassment.

And of course, "A whole chunk of the DADT debate was shaped by this sense that men’s sensibilities are, apparently, just too damn delicate to deal with the possibility that Joe over there might like to look at penises now and then."

Of course, when women express similar concerns, we are supposed to have training sessions about sexual harassment, etc.. Of course women need to be coddled.

The hypocrisy here is astounding.

That is all.

Steve Sailer's Best Piece of Advice for the GOP in 2012

If the GOP wants to make 2012 different from 2008, it must try to nominate a good candidate for a change.

The implied insult to the previous few GOP candidates is priceless.

That is all.

Saturday, January 08, 2011


And not the one that happened yesterday...

Kevin MacDonald:Jews::Rosisy:Women

Both MacDonald and Roissy take a few largely ignored facts about their preferred topic (in MacDonald's case, that a lot of Jewish behavior is driven by anti-white Gentile and anti-Christian animus; in Roissy's case that women have a secual attraction to destructive male traits) and proceed to center their entire view of the topic around those facts.

That is, MacDonald takes one particular issue that the modern Jewish community tends to have and expands it into its defining trait. Roissy treats women as if they were walking sex doll puzzles (arrange the colors in the right order to get laid), without much else of interest about them.

That is all.