Monday, October 28, 2013

Articles on Immigration and Assimilation

Here are more articles to link to on Twitter or on boards when discussing illegal immigration. These deal with claims that "we are a melting pot," and "they said the same thing about the Irish/Italians/Chinese, etc. and it all turned out okay."

Best strategy to use these: when replying to one of these claims, mention one or a few of the talking points found in these articles, and then link to the article.

On twitter, make as quick a response as possible, and include link to where the response is from: e.g. "But social pressures to assimilate/integrate that existed then are frowned on now, see"

Jeb Bush, Robert Putnam mislead about immigration and assimilation

Michael Barone's shallow, 2470-word logical fallacy ("A Nation Built for Immigrants", WSJ)

Evidence that immigrants are not assimilating:

Threat of Latino violence prevents wearing clothes w/American flag at school in California

Teacher at Pima Community College punished for wanting students to speak English during class

California state Senator wants bilingual education (i.e. reduce language assimilation).

That is all.

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