Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Articles on Immigration Polling

When someone tells you that the GOP is going to hurt its chances if it kills "comprehensive immigration reform (CIR)," kindly direct them to this article, showing them that only 32% of swing voters support "CIR," and only 12% support it strongly (cf. to 54% and 39% opposing and strongly opposing, respectively): Only one in eight centrist voters strongly back amnesty, says Obama’s polling firm.

Added 07/08/18: Americans desire to couple any DACA fix with mandatory E-Verify and ending chain migration.

Added 09/26/17:Breitbart on how pro-DACA Polling is misleading.

Added 09/17/17:Reuters shows more than half of voters polled want most or all illegal aliens deported. This is similar to what they wanted in 2015.

Added 05/05/15: American suport for border control hits four-year high, and Americans think border security is more important than legalizing illegal aliens by 63-30%.

Hispanics support "enforcement first" by 60% to 34%. The original poll (pdf) is here.

Pro-amnesty Brookings poll cooked the questions to get desired answers.

Center for Immigration Studies explains how polls get rigged.

24ahead on how pro-amnesty polls are manipulated and on who dishonestly promotes them.

Pulse opinion survey shows support for legalization of illegal aliens shaky; majority oppose mass amnesty.

Evangelicals overwhelmingly oppose mass amnesty and want tighter borders.

Mark Krikorian discusses another dishonest pro-amnesty poll from May 2014.

Gallup poll shows voters prefer immigration reduction to an immigration increase by a 41% to 22% margin (33% said "stay the same").

In Europe:

In Europe, majority of people who know immigrants well (58%) want a crackdown, although title of piece hides this.

65% of Spanish, British, Italian, oppose current high levels of immigration.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Articles on Amnesty

When people deny Gang of Eight Immigration Bill is "amnesty," here is an article to link to in debunking that claim:

"Immigration Reform" Equals Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and Their Employers by Ronald W. Mortensen

It is also useful for people who say "we should punish the employers." Point out that the Gang of Eight bill pardons the employers.

Here's another overview from in the Huffington Post(!) pointing out how piddling the clauses in the Senate bill are that supposedly prevent hte bill form being an amnesty.

That is all.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Articles on Immigration and Assimilation

Here are more articles to link to on Twitter or on boards when discussing illegal immigration. These deal with claims that "we are a melting pot," and "they said the same thing about the Irish/Italians/Chinese, etc. and it all turned out okay."

Best strategy to use these: when replying to one of these claims, mention one or a few of the talking points found in these articles, and then link to the article.

On twitter, make as quick a response as possible, and include link to where the response is from: e.g. "But social pressures to assimilate/integrate that existed then are frowned on now, see"

Jeb Bush, Robert Putnam mislead about immigration and assimilation

Michael Barone's shallow, 2470-word logical fallacy ("A Nation Built for Immigrants", WSJ)

Evidence that immigrants are not assimilating:

Threat of Latino violence prevents wearing clothes w/American flag at school in California

Teacher at Pima Community College punished for wanting students to speak English during class

California state Senator wants bilingual education (i.e. reduce language assimilation).

That is all.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some Articles to Link When Arguing About Illegal Immigration and Wages

Whenever arguing with someone on a comment board or on Twitter, it is useful to be able to link to articles supporting your position.

Here are some articles about immigration "reform" and its effect on wages:

For making points with liberals:

Immigration Reform is Treason by Ted Rall
Labor & Economics [of Immigration] by Progressives for Immigration Reform
Why do we have Immigration when Unemployment is High? by Howard Foster
Immigration Reform 2013: McDonald's Supports Immigration Reform — But For All the Wrong Reasons by Charles Corra.
The following also show that enforcement/restricting immigration does have positive effect on wages, employment for less employable members of society: Stillmore: Crider Poultry employing homeless, felons instead of illegal aliens by
Farmers Face Labor Shortages As Workers Find Other Jobs by Gosia Wozniacka.
While the piece seems to argue for more immigration, it actually proves that limiting immigration increases wages:
Takeaway point to emphasize: Farmworkers, who make very little, have seen wages rise due to "shortage" caused by lack of "immigration reform."
Quotes from article (for comments and for Twitlonger posts, you'll need to learn to distill the message for Tweets) :
"But farmworkers, whose incomes are some of the lowest in the nation, have benefited, their wages jumping in California to $2 to $3 over the $8 hourly minimum wage and even more for those working piece rate."
"In the past, we were overrun with farmworkers. But not anymore," said labor contractor Jesus Mateo, whose crews saw a 20 percent pay increase. "Employers have to do something to attract them. The fastest workers can now earn more than $1,000 per week."
"The jump in spending on eating out comes as the number of immigrants available to work in kitchens shrinks and restaurant employees take jobs in other sectors of an improving labor market." Bloomberg obliquely references that lower immigration levels raise wages.

with conservatives:

This article from George Borjas indicates that immigration policy since 1965 takes $400 billion a year from workers and given it to business: Immigration and the American Worker
and this article by Ed Rubenstein indicates that the Senate bill will add another $100 billion a year to that: National Data | Schumer/ Rubio Would Loot $100 Billion Annually From American Workers And Redistribute It To—Mark Zuckerberg!.
Living Wages and Killing the Schumer Rubio Immigration Giveaway by Andrew Good
September Jobs: Immigrant Displacement of American Workers Reaches ANOTHER New High by Edwin S. Rubenstein
Companies deliberately manipulating hiring process to avoid hiring Americans: here here here and here

The STEM Crisis is a Myth
Is the STEM Shortage a Manufactured Crisis by Devon Merling
How Microsoft massages the data to create the appearance of a shortage by Daniel Costa
An example of the length tech companies go to to illegally screw workers over. Bring this up whenever someone mentions "fixes" tech companies want for their "labor shortages."
The Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist
Legalization as a "Wage Floor" by
Job Openings by Industry vs. Unemployed Americans by Economic Policy Institute.
Are there really jobs Americans won't do by Center for Immigration Studies
Companies Lay off Thousands then Demand Immigration Reform for New Labor
Companies running fake job ad so as to be able to pretend Americans won't take jobs so they can hire cheap foreigners. See above for VDARE articles on this.

When people argue that illegal aliens are already bringing down wages and legalizing them will just "bring them out of the shadows" and allow them to push for higher wages:

Immigration reform could increase California tax revenue, shift worker base, experts say by Eric Bradley. Takeaway point: legalizing illegal aliens would expand the number of jobs they would compete for, and reduce wages in more sectors than in the status quo.
Alternately, link to this post which distills the important parts.

That is all.

Make Them Listen Monday

Join the event on Facebook and on Monday, call your Representative and tell them "No 'comprehensive immigration reform!'"

We need to counter the 300 plutocrats who are coming to DC to push amnesty!

There's also a march.

And please re-tweet's Tweets!

Others to Re-Tweet:
Search for Make Them Listen Monday

For calls, in particular you need to call your own representative, as well as the Republican leaders:

Speaker John Boehner: (202 225-0600)
Majority Leader Eric Cantor: (202) 225-2815)
Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy: (202) 225-2915
Majority Conference Chair Cathy McMorris-Rodgers: 202-225-2006

That is all.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stop Traitorous Jeff Denham

California Representative Jeff Denham (not to be confused with Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist) has come out in favor of hte House comprehensive amnesty bill. He is the only Republican to do so.

Contact info:

Jeff Denham.........(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepJeffDenham

Call him and up let him know how disappointed you are that he wants increased immigration and to legalize those who came here illegally when there are so many unemployed Americans.

Here are some Tweets from his Twitter Account:

We can’t afford any more delays. The #TimeIsNow for real reform for our broken immigration system. @jorgeramosnews @AlPunto

I'm co-sponsoring HR 15 because real & effective #immigrationreform can't wait @alpunto @jorgeramosnews @repjoegarcia

Please reply to his Tweets or re-tweet those who have replied in anger to him. We need a cascade of negative reaction.

That is all.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Updated: Tell these GOP Lawmakers "No Legalization!"

According to America's Voice Online, a Treason Lobby group, the following Congressmen have indicated their support for a "pathway to citizenship" for illegal aliens:

Jeff Denham.........(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepJeffDenham
Don Young...........(AK)..(202) 225-5765....@RepDonYoung
David Valadao.......(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepDavidValadao
Darrell Issa........(CA)..(202) 225-3906....@DarrellIssa
Devin Nunes.........(CA)..(202) 225-2523....@DevinNunes
Mike Coffman........(CO)..(202) 225-7882....@RepMikeCoffman
Mario Diaz-Balart...(FL)..(202) 225-4211....@MarioDB
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.(FL)..(202) 225-3931....@RosLehtinen
Daniel Webster......(FL)..(202) 225-2176....@RepWebster
Raul Labrador.......(ID)..(202) 225-6611....@Raul_Labrador
Spencer Bachus......(IL)..(202) 225-4921....@BachusAL06
Aaron Schock........(IL)..(202) 225-6201....@aaronschock
Mark Amodei.........(NV)..(775) 686-5760....@MarkAmodeiNV2
Joe Heck............(NV)..(202) 225-3252....@RepJoeHeck
Michael Grimm.......(NY)..(202) 225-3371....@repmichaelgrimm
Pete King...........(NY)..(202) 225-7896....@RepPeteKing
James Lankford......(OK)..(202) 225-2132....@RepLankford
Greg Walden.........(OR)..(541) 776-4646....@repgregwalden
Mike Kelly..........(PA)..(202) 225-5406....@MikeKellyPA
Sam Johnson.........(TX)..(202) 225-4201....@SamsPressShop
John Carter.........(TX)..(202) 225-3864....@RepJohnCarter
Jason Chaffetz......(UT)..(202) 225-7751....@jasoninthehouse
Chris Stewart.......(UT)..(202) 225-9730....@repchrisstewart
David Reichert......(WA)..(202) 225-7761....@davereichert
Sean Duffy..........(WI)..(202) 225-3365....@RepSeanDuffy
Paul Ryan...........(WI)..(202) 225-3031....@PRyan

Note that Mark Sanford was erroneosuly included in the initial post, as he had been included in VOA's original poster. As it turns out, he had predicted that "comprehensive immigration reform" would pass, but had said that he opposed it.

Now, looking at the quotes, this doesn't necessarily mean they support anything that is actually currently on the table. However, it is important to generate pushback to keep the House GOP in line.

What to do:

First, call these Representatives (DC Office numbers above) and tell them somethign along the lines of (but see below): "My name is [NAME - if you are a constituent, give your address and phone number as well; if you donated to their campaigns or to campaigns of other Congressman, bring this up] I've heard that [Congressman/woman's name] has made statements in favor of a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. This is unacceptable. We should not be legalizing illegal aliens, let alone giving them a pathway to citizenship so that they can vote and determine the direction of this nation. The proper policy is enforcement of our laws and attrition through enforcement, aka self-deportation. The Congressman/woman should recant any and all statements made supporting a pathway to citizenship. Thank you for your time.

The part in bold you may want to alter to respond to the specific quote for the person you are calling. For example, Mike Coffman has been quoted as saying:

“(Coffman) believes comprehensive immigration reform — increased border security and a provisional legal status for the millions of undocumented people living in the United States now — needs to happen mostly simultaneously. Then, when it has been proven the border is secure a pathway to apply for legal citizenship should be opened for all undocumented people, he said.”

Given this, his staffer can claim that he is very much for increased border security. He can snow you. You should point out specifically that he said that provisional legal status should occur simultaneously with border security and that this is unacceptable. There should be no legalization, period, before the border is secure (whether there should be any after it is secure (the answer is no) you do not need to bring up right now).

I will try to get some pre-written tweets to re-tweet and add them to this post.

That is all.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Another way to Fight Amnesty

The Orange One on Twitter has a bunch of good Tweets for re-tweeting getting after amnesty-supporting House GOP members.

The relevant tweets are currently near the top, but they will be from late Sep 30 to early Oct 1, in case you get this post in a day or two when they are farther down.

That is all.