Saturday, July 20, 2013

Planting Anti-Amnesty Seeds could also use donations. Go to any of his posts (here is a recent one) and click on the PayPal button (or click if the pop-up appears when you visit the site). Please donate, it's very important!

It appears that nothing will be passed by the House on immigration before the August recess. So that gives us a little time to do some long-term seed planting against amnesty (but keep calling your Congresspeople and the GOP leadership and keeping doing all of the anti-amnesty actions I mentioned before - we should be planting seeds, but we need to buy all the time we can for them to grow, and we need to make certain that there are no surprises in the next two weeks).

One thing I strongly suggest: Visit's site and start familiarizing yourself with his tactics. If we can discredit amnesty proponents, that will help turn the tide.

Unfortunately, his methods may seem a little complicated and intimidating at first - so, start planting seeds now that will blossom in a week or two. Try some of the easier ideas, and then it will be easier to move on to harder ones.

His easiest idea is using Twitter to discredit amnesty pushers. Go to Twitter and start an account, or if you have an account, go to his Twitter account. Follow him, and then start re-tweeting some of his tweets. Any tweet with a word that has "@" in front of it directs to a specific person as well as to his followers. Re-tweet a few of these. I don't know how much re-tweeting might get the Twitter anti-spam squad to monitor you, so do only five, and then tweet a few other things and then tweet a few more. If you know more about this, do your Re-Tweeting according to your knowledge.

Only Re-Tweet things that are on-point and that have "@" someone in them.

Please, Glaivester readers, start following!

That is all for now. More to come.