Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thank Steve Stockman for Ben-Ghazi Discharge Petition

Because of Boehner's lack of action, Steve Stockman has filed a discharge petition to get a Select Committee on the Ben-Ghazi investigation.

Good for him!

While my primary issue has been fighting against amnesty, I think it is becoming apparent that the only way to stop the government from destroying the traditional American people is going to be to completely overtake the current establishment. Boehner's weakness on the Ben-Ghazi incident is of a piece with his weakness on amnesty and Obamacare.

Plus, completely destroying Obama publicly for his many crimes may be the only way to stop his "amnesty by fiat" or other anarcho-tyrannical acts. Moreover, a real opposition is needed if Obama is to be stopped.

The current House leadership is not that opposition, and any time that the grass roots asserts itself we will take a little more power back, either through getting Boehner removed, or through getting the spineless leaders to be more scared of us than whoever they are scared of now.

You can thank Congressman Stockman on Facebook and donate to his re-election here.

Gohmert is also out in front on this issue.


That is all.

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