Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Articles on Immigration Polling

When someone tells you that the GOP is going to hurt its chances if it kills "comprehensive immigration reform (CIR)," kindly direct them to this article, showing them that only 32% of swing voters support "CIR," and only 12% support it strongly (cf. to 54% and 39% opposing and strongly opposing, respectively): Only one in eight centrist voters strongly back amnesty, says Obama’s polling firm.

Added 07/08/18: Americans desire to couple any DACA fix with mandatory E-Verify and ending chain migration.

Added 09/26/17:Breitbart on how pro-DACA Polling is misleading.

Added 09/17/17:Reuters shows more than half of voters polled want most or all illegal aliens deported. This is similar to what they wanted in 2015.

Added 05/05/15: American suport for border control hits four-year high, and Americans think border security is more important than legalizing illegal aliens by 63-30%.

Hispanics support "enforcement first" by 60% to 34%. The original poll (pdf) is here.

Pro-amnesty Brookings poll cooked the questions to get desired answers.

Center for Immigration Studies explains how polls get rigged.

24ahead on how pro-amnesty polls are manipulated and on who dishonestly promotes them.

Pulse opinion survey shows support for legalization of illegal aliens shaky; majority oppose mass amnesty.

Evangelicals overwhelmingly oppose mass amnesty and want tighter borders.

Mark Krikorian discusses another dishonest pro-amnesty poll from May 2014.

Gallup poll shows voters prefer immigration reduction to an immigration increase by a 41% to 22% margin (33% said "stay the same").

In Europe:

In Europe, majority of people who know immigrants well (58%) want a crackdown, although title of piece hides this.

65% of Spanish, British, Italian, oppose current high levels of immigration.

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