Thursday, December 19, 2013

Using Twitter to Fight Amnesty

A few months ago, I opened up a Twitter account. Since then, I have amasssed over 2000 followers, and a much better idea of how to use Twitter to get my message out.

Here are some ideas:

For one thing, visit's Twitter account. Retweet some of his tweets. In particular, re-tweet those that mention people (i.e. that use the @ sign). He does tend to be abrasive toward allies (like NumbersUSA) who are not doing things the way he wants, so you will have to use your own judgment as to what to re-tweet and what not to. Alternately, you can use the "reply" function to back him up when he asks a question, if you think you have something to add. The people he talks to can be a good guide as to people whom you might want to contact independently and suggest things to.

Also, use hashtags (#) and searches to find people who are arguing on the immigration debate. Tweet them with questions regarding their stance, or supporting their stance (depending on what their stance is), preferably with links to pieces that support your position. Please be aware, do not follow someone whom you are asking tough questions of, because this makes it more likely that you will be suspended if they decide to block you. Also, do not ask too many questions in a row of one person (especially someone you don't know), lest they become annoyed and treat you as spam. Not having a person's Twitter account designation (i.e. their "@") as the first thing on a Tweet is usually good, because it means that it will be broadcast onto your followers' Twitter feeds and put on your primary Twitter page (as opposed to under the "Tweets & Replies" page), plus it makes it less likely for a block to result in a suspension, so usually it's useful to put a period before the first "@".

Try to amass followers. I do that by following 20-30 people over the course of a day. Before you follow someone, check them out to see if they are a good fit. Everyone you follow, put in a folder (I use 3 folders, and generally fill one while cleaning out the one after it. After it is totally empty, I start filling it and start cleaning out the one after that one). After a week or so, unfollow those that have not followed you and move them to a folder for people whom you have followed and have not followed back (so that you don't keep re-following the same person every two weeks), and those that have followed back, remove from your list. You can also have other ways of amassing followers, but be careful not to go overboard and alert the anti-spam functions of twitter. And of course, don't follow indiscriminately.

My previous posts have lists of links you can use when arguing immigration questions. Please don't link to these posts but to the articles the posts link. Also, check out the articles and make certain that what you are linking to is relevant to the thing you are arguing. Generally, a Tweet should say something like: "It's not a RW talking point. Ted Rall sees link between immigration, lower wages:".

Claims that Pro-Amnesty helped GOP candidates win
Responses to claims "enforcement has failed," "Senate bill is pro-enforcement," or claims of how much Obama has increased enforcement
Responding to poll-based propaganda
Quibbling over the term "amnesty"
Responses to those touting assimilation in 19th century as proof immigration won't hurt our culture
Links about the negative effect of immigration on wages
Links for pointing out the baleful influence of megadonors on immigration policy
Links for decrying Wall Street open-borders lobbying
Links for discussing negative impact of mass immigration on the environment
Pointing out how mass immigration hurts blacks

That is all.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Articles on Wall Street Perfidy on Immigration

Whenever someone from the business community (e.g. the Chamber of Commerce) starts touting mass immigration, you need to bring up the fact that several economists actively admit that they want to enrich Wall Street by destroying the Middle Class:

These are two blog posts about Tyler Cowen's The End of Average that point out that Tyler Cowen is essentially saying that his favored immigration policies will destroy the middle class and that they should shut up and take it:

Beans, the magical food by Dennis Mangan

Tyler Cowen: 90% of Americans will (and should) have a more bean-centric Mexican lifestyle by Steve Sailer.

Here's a post by Dennis Mangan interpreting an article by Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal:

Open Borders Journal to Class of 2012: Drop Dead

Here's a piece by Neil Munro debunking Steve Case's claim that the way to solve middle class job losses is more American worker displacement: Billionaire Steve Case says immigrants will offset middle class job losses

Examples of ways to use these links on Twitter and comments sections:

Someone brings up immigrant entrepreneurs creating jobs:
Twitter: .@[person you reply to] @SteveCase claims this too, but won't speculate on percentage of immigrants who are entrepreneurs.
Comment: Steve Case claims this too, but he refuses to speculate on what percentage of immigrants are entrepreneurs.

Someone says that immigration is a win-win:
Twitter: .@[person you reply to] Really? Then why do Open Borders advocates tell us to make do w/less, be more like Mexico?
.@[person you reply to] Really? Or do you just have contempt for those hurt by mass immigration, as Bret Stephens does?
Comment: The same people who keep pushing open borders are also pushing for us to accept an economy where 90% of people are below middle class. They think that anyone who cannot succeed in an overloaded workforce ought to shut up and serve their betters.

That is all.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Articles to Use to Point out Donor Influence on Immigration Policy

If you want to discredit the amnesty-pushers, you need to point out how large donors are trying to buy amnesty. This works best in conjunction with my previous post about wages, so that you can show the motive and then show who is pushing amnesty. This can be useful in three ways; first, as a talking point against conservatives who support amnesty as a way to reach out to Hispanics; you need to point out who is really driving the push for amnesty and what their motives are. Second, you can start pushing talk-show hosts like Howie Carr and Rush Limbaugh to be more critical of Adelson and the Kochs, rather than often defending them because leftists attack them. Third, you can use it to point out to liberals who is pushing for amnesty and why.

This is an article about GOP megadonors who are pushing amnesty.

Here is another article from Slate mentioning that the Koch brothers are pushing "immigration reform."

Similar article from Breitbart.

Bloomberg article on Koch Brothers' pro-amnesty leanings.

This article deals specifically with McDonald's.

Here is a rare instance of Rush Limbaugh calling out GOP megadonors on amnesty.

Here's the audio of Limbaugh tearing into the donors.

Here are articles about Mike Pence's immigration perfidy:

Mike Pence Is No Savior for American Conservatives by One Old Vet
Mike Pence's "W" worker visa illegal alien amnesty scheme by

and here is the reason, megadonor Helen Krieble:

Coloradan rides into immigration fray by M.E. Sprengelmeyer.

I'm making special mention of Carlos Slim:

Makes money exploiting poor Mexicans:
Article about an anti-Slim protest
An old NYTimes article about Slim gouging Mexican phone customers
Slim is against US border enforcement, favors increase immigration from Mexico
How Slim makes money from mass immigration.

Influence on US:
Slim 2nd largest owner of New York Times. This article also talks about his monopolistic practices gouging Mexicans.

Carlos Slim profiting from, and provoking, immigration from Mexico to US
More on Slim's ulterior motvies
An overview of the arguments against Slim.

Here are some special mentions of Robert Gittelson, head of "Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform"

: This is a puff piece promtoing Gittelson, but it surprisingly lets the cat out of the bag:
"For Gittelson, the personal side of immigration reform is also his life’s work. He made his living and built a business in an industry that in Los Angeles has historically been associated with cheap immigrant labor and garment sweatshops. But Gittelson adamantly denies ever having been part of any immigrant exploitation." Yeah, if you can't trust a guy in the rag trade...

That is all.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Articles to Use to Argue for Negative Impact of Mass Immigration on Environment

Here are some articles to link to in talking about the impact of mass immigration on the environment:

These are about the water supply in Texas and California, 2 heavily-hit states:

California Central Valley: Land Is Subsiding from Overuse of Water by Brenda Walker.
Senate Immigration Plotters Overlook Water Supply by Brenda Walker (note this article, which is given prominence)
The New Alamo? Water Wars in San Antone—Coming Soon to Your Community by Nicholas Stix.

Here is a website pointing out how the Sierra Club's support of immigration is due to the influence of rich donors. This can be useful if someone uses the Sierra Club's position to indicate that immigration is not an environmental issue, or simply to point out how the environmental movement is at risk ofbeing bought off:

Support US Population Stabilization - Support a Comprehensive Sierra Club Population Policy

In addition, if you want to further show that polluters can pay off the Sierra Club, link to this article about how they suppressed dissent on their endorsement of Clorox.

An article about the Sierra Club selling out to Clorox.

That is all.