Monday, December 09, 2013

Articles on Wall Street Perfidy on Immigration

Whenever someone from the business community (e.g. the Chamber of Commerce) starts touting mass immigration, you need to bring up the fact that several economists actively admit that they want to enrich Wall Street by destroying the Middle Class:

These are two blog posts about Tyler Cowen's The End of Average that point out that Tyler Cowen is essentially saying that his favored immigration policies will destroy the middle class and that they should shut up and take it:

Beans, the magical food by Dennis Mangan

Tyler Cowen: 90% of Americans will (and should) have a more bean-centric Mexican lifestyle by Steve Sailer.

Here's a post by Dennis Mangan interpreting an article by Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal:

Open Borders Journal to Class of 2012: Drop Dead

Here's a piece by Neil Munro debunking Steve Case's claim that the way to solve middle class job losses is more American worker displacement: Billionaire Steve Case says immigrants will offset middle class job losses

Examples of ways to use these links on Twitter and comments sections:

Someone brings up immigrant entrepreneurs creating jobs:
Twitter: .@[person you reply to] @SteveCase claims this too, but won't speculate on percentage of immigrants who are entrepreneurs.
Comment: Steve Case claims this too, but he refuses to speculate on what percentage of immigrants are entrepreneurs.

Someone says that immigration is a win-win:
Twitter: .@[person you reply to] Really? Then why do Open Borders advocates tell us to make do w/less, be more like Mexico?
.@[person you reply to] Really? Or do you just have contempt for those hurt by mass immigration, as Bret Stephens does?
Comment: The same people who keep pushing open borders are also pushing for us to accept an economy where 90% of people are below middle class. They think that anyone who cannot succeed in an overloaded workforce ought to shut up and serve their betters.

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Splendid piece. Reprinted with a quibcag:
Are the rats you see on farms all there because they want to be farmers?

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