Saturday, October 26, 2013

Stop Traitorous Jeff Denham

California Representative Jeff Denham (not to be confused with Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist) has come out in favor of hte House comprehensive amnesty bill. He is the only Republican to do so.

Contact info:

Jeff Denham.........(CA)..(202) 225-4540....@RepJeffDenham

Call him and up let him know how disappointed you are that he wants increased immigration and to legalize those who came here illegally when there are so many unemployed Americans.

Here are some Tweets from his Twitter Account:

We can’t afford any more delays. The #TimeIsNow for real reform for our broken immigration system. @jorgeramosnews @AlPunto

I'm co-sponsoring HR 15 because real & effective #immigrationreform can't wait @alpunto @jorgeramosnews @repjoegarcia

Please reply to his Tweets or re-tweet those who have replied in anger to him. We need a cascade of negative reaction.

That is all.

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