Sunday, December 01, 2013

Articles to Use to Argue for Negative Impact of Mass Immigration on Environment

Here are some articles to link to in talking about the impact of mass immigration on the environment:

These are about the water supply in Texas and California, 2 heavily-hit states:

California Central Valley: Land Is Subsiding from Overuse of Water by Brenda Walker.
Senate Immigration Plotters Overlook Water Supply by Brenda Walker (note this article, which is given prominence)
The New Alamo? Water Wars in San Antone—Coming Soon to Your Community by Nicholas Stix.

Here is a website pointing out how the Sierra Club's support of immigration is due to the influence of rich donors. This can be useful if someone uses the Sierra Club's position to indicate that immigration is not an environmental issue, or simply to point out how the environmental movement is at risk ofbeing bought off:

Support US Population Stabilization - Support a Comprehensive Sierra Club Population Policy

In addition, if you want to further show that polluters can pay off the Sierra Club, link to this article about how they suppressed dissent on their endorsement of Clorox.

An article about the Sierra Club selling out to Clorox.

That is all.

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