Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Norman Podhoretz Endorses Trump

Norman Podhoretz recently said he is voting for Trump because he is better for Israel.

However, his son John Podhoretz has not endorsed Trump.

A scene at the Podhoretz household (note that little Johnny hates Russia so much that he has developed an aversion to theanimal associated with them; he has even ripped an arm off of his teddy bear):

That is all.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Friday, September 02, 2016

Would White Identity Politics Attract More Minorities than Cucking?

One of the concerns people keep having about the GOP pulling into white identity politics is that it will drive away minority voters and make it even harder for the GOP to win elections.

Why? Why would white identity politics drive Asians out of the GOP when black identity politics isn't driving them out of the Democratic Party? How come the embrace of LGBT doesn't drive Muslims out of the Democratic Party or vice versa? If identity politics are so anathema to groups outside of the identity, how come the Democrats can form a coalition of mutually hating identity groupS? If you can have a coalition of the fringes against the middle, why can't you have a coalition of the middle and middle-friendly minorities against the fringe?

One reason why Asians have left the GOP is that by eschewing identity politics, the GOP offers nothing for any group which wishes to engage in identity politics. If whites won't stand up for their own interests, why would they stand up for those of an ally?

There is a lot of talk about Jewish ethnocentrism being a driving factor in the war on whites, but according to a Gallup poll, the most ethnocentric Jews, the Orthodox, favor Trump 3 to 1. People who are ethnocentric respect other people who are ethnocentric; as long as they define themselves by their love of their own rather than by hatred of those not their own. Talking a similar language allows you to understand each other. Talking universalism when everyone else is tribal just tells them "I don't want your respect. Go ahead and take advantage of me."

The key point: you cannot form coalitions with other interest groups until you have an interest group of your own. Cucking is not going to attract more minorities. A recognition of one's own interests matched with benevolence toward those who will make common cause with you very well might.

That is all.