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Some Articles to Link When Arguing About Illegal Immigration and Wages

Whenever arguing with someone on a comment board or on Twitter, it is useful to be able to link to articles supporting your position.

Here are some articles about immigration "reform" and its effect on wages:

For making points with liberals:

Immigration Reform is Treason by Ted Rall
Labor & Economics [of Immigration] by Progressives for Immigration Reform
Why do we have Immigration when Unemployment is High? by Howard Foster
Immigration Reform 2013: McDonald's Supports Immigration Reform — But For All the Wrong Reasons by Charles Corra.
The following also show that enforcement/restricting immigration does have positive effect on wages, employment for less employable members of society: Stillmore: Crider Poultry employing homeless, felons instead of illegal aliens by
Farmers Face Labor Shortages As Workers Find Other Jobs by Gosia Wozniacka.
While the piece seems to argue for more immigration, it actually proves that limiting immigration increases wages:
Takeaway point to emphasize: Farmworkers, who make very little, have seen wages rise due to "shortage" caused by lack of "immigration reform."
Quotes from article (for comments and for Twitlonger posts, you'll need to learn to distill the message for Tweets) :
"But farmworkers, whose incomes are some of the lowest in the nation, have benefited, their wages jumping in California to $2 to $3 over the $8 hourly minimum wage and even more for those working piece rate."
"In the past, we were overrun with farmworkers. But not anymore," said labor contractor Jesus Mateo, whose crews saw a 20 percent pay increase. "Employers have to do something to attract them. The fastest workers can now earn more than $1,000 per week."
"The jump in spending on eating out comes as the number of immigrants available to work in kitchens shrinks and restaurant employees take jobs in other sectors of an improving labor market." Bloomberg obliquely references that lower immigration levels raise wages.

with conservatives:

This article from George Borjas indicates that immigration policy since 1965 takes $400 billion a year from workers and given it to business: Immigration and the American Worker
and this article by Ed Rubenstein indicates that the Senate bill will add another $100 billion a year to that: National Data | Schumer/ Rubio Would Loot $100 Billion Annually From American Workers And Redistribute It To—Mark Zuckerberg!.
Living Wages and Killing the Schumer Rubio Immigration Giveaway by Andrew Good
September Jobs: Immigrant Displacement of American Workers Reaches ANOTHER New High by Edwin S. Rubenstein
Companies deliberately manipulating hiring process to avoid hiring Americans: here here here and here

The STEM Crisis is a Myth
Is the STEM Shortage a Manufactured Crisis by Devon Merling
How Microsoft massages the data to create the appearance of a shortage by Daniel Costa
An example of the length tech companies go to to illegally screw workers over. Bring this up whenever someone mentions "fixes" tech companies want for their "labor shortages."
The Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist
Legalization as a "Wage Floor" by
Job Openings by Industry vs. Unemployed Americans by Economic Policy Institute.
Are there really jobs Americans won't do by Center for Immigration Studies
Companies Lay off Thousands then Demand Immigration Reform for New Labor
Companies running fake job ad so as to be able to pretend Americans won't take jobs so they can hire cheap foreigners. See above for VDARE articles on this.

When people argue that illegal aliens are already bringing down wages and legalizing them will just "bring them out of the shadows" and allow them to push for higher wages:

Immigration reform could increase California tax revenue, shift worker base, experts say by Eric Bradley. Takeaway point: legalizing illegal aliens would expand the number of jobs they would compete for, and reduce wages in more sectors than in the status quo.
Alternately, link to this post which distills the important parts.

That is all.

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