Friday, October 23, 2015

Congressman a Democrat? How You Can Still Fight Against Ryan Becoming Speaker

Mickey Kaus is telling folks to inundate their Congressman with calls telling them they do not want Paul Ryan for Speaker.

It's a good strategy, and if it doesn't keep Ryan from the Speakership, it might at least get him to reduce his demands.

But what if your Congressman is a Democrat, and you don't see the point in calling politicians you are not constituents of?

Money is the best way I think to show your opinion. Give to them campaigns of Congressmen who have come out against Ryan. Although VDARE has expressed concerns that Webster may be wobbly on amnesty, at this point a vote for Webster is a vote against Ryan, so an endorsement of Webster is considered a good thing. Then post to their Facebook and Twitter feeds that you agave and why (and if there is a comment section on their "Donate" page, comment there as well).

People so far to give to:

Louie Gohmert (explains lack of support for Ryan)
Steve King (Endorsed Webster)
Ted Yoho (Ditto)
Walter Jones (backs Webster, and has blasted Ryan)
Thomas Massie (Massie Won't Back Ryan for Speaker)
Daniel Webster the guy running against Ryan.

There are others, but these are the ones I have noted and donated to so far. You can make your own list or donate to anyone against Ryan who is not on the list. As more opponents come out, I will try to add to the list, although I may not be able to donate personally to any more than these 6.

If you give, make certain to state on Facebook or Twitter that you gave and why (their pages ought to be accessible on their websites). This will send a message to other House members that you intend to help people who are against Ryan, which is as much influence as you probably can have outside your own district. It also might send the wobbly ones a message that you might help a primary challenger if they vote for Ryan.

That is all.