Saturday, July 12, 2014

Articles on How Mass Immigration Hurts Blacks

Here are some articles that suggest that mass immigration is problematic for black Americans:

Black Workers Claim Racial Bias at Farms

Black Leaders Warn Congress About Gang of Eight Bill's Impact on Black Americans

[Mostly Black] American Workers in Georgia Sue Farmers for Hiring Foreign Workers over Unemployed U.S. Workers

That is all.


SoCal Patriot said...

I left a comment in the most current (as of 7:00 post on Conservative Heritage Times titled "The NBA Goes Localist...", which also links to the following National Review article:

"Black Americans:The True Casualties of Amnesty"

In my comment, I offer several links about the late,black American anti-illegal alien activist and talk radio host Terry Anderson, which I believe you and your readers will find beneficial to the cause of immigration restriction: P=15998&cpage=1#comment-125022

SoCal Patriot said...

"Blacks and immigration" The Social Contract Journal--Summer 1995