Sunday, August 04, 2013

Please Re-Tweet This!

A Tweet by 24aheaddotcom, responding to this Tweet. 24ahead is asking "Fran" how to defend against the charge that Zuckerberg is supporting "immigration reform" just to lower wages - essentially he is trying to make her think about the consequences of amnesty on working people's wages.

If you are on Twitter, please click on the first Tweet and re-tweet it. And please follow 24aheaddotcom and re-tweet those of his Tweets that ask penetrating questions of amnesty supporters (I would be a little cautious about re-tweeting tweets that attack other amnesty opponents as ineffective, though).

24aheaddotcom is attacking amnesty by discrediting it. Please help him. Twitter is an incredibly easy way to do so. We'll probably need to do much more than this, but let's start small, okay?

That is all.

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