Thursday, August 29, 2013

Call These Congressmen and Ask Them to Unite

Update: I accidentally said that Barrow was from the fourth district of Georgia. He is actually from the twelfth.

Call these Republican Congressmen and ask them to see if John Barrow of Georgia is willing to work with them to stop amnesty:

Lou Barletta: (202) 225-6511
Steve King: (202) 225-4426
Louie Gohmert: (202) 225-3035

Sample message: My name is [your name]. I am pleased to hear about Congressman (King/Barletta/Gohmert)'s strong opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens. Did you realize that there is at least one Democrat who is also opposed to amnesty and who wants any immigration reform to be enforcement only? John Barrow, of the twelfth district of Georgia. He is part of the no-labels movement and might be willing to join with you in a united bipartisan front against amnesty, to counter the "bipartisan front" supporting it. Please talk to his staff and see about whether this is possible.

Call John Barrow and ask him to talk to them about working with them to stop amnesty:

John Barrow: (202) 225-2823

Sample message: My name is [your name]. I am pleased that Congressman John Barrow realizes the devastation that the amnesty bill would have on working people and that he opposes amnesty. I know that Barrow is part of the "no-labels" movement for bipartisan solutions. Has he considered trying to contact anti-amnesty GOP Congressmen such as Lou Barletta, Louie Gohmert or Steve King and forming a coalition on this issue?

That is all.

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