Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Antisemitism and Antijaphetism - Two Sides of the Same Coin

This is a cartoon comparing antisemitism and antijaphetism. Antijaphetism refers to a prejudice against European Gentiles (white Gentiles). I am not the first to use the term. The etymology basically parallels that of antisemitism - whereas biblically, Jews are the sons of Shem (Semites), Europeans are the sons of Japheth (Japhetites or Japhites).

The man on the left is a white Gentile, accusing Jews of assaulting white women, general greed and avarice, and of controlling the U.S. government. He denies the Holocaust, using the term "Holohoax" and "Z.O.G. (Zionist Occupied Government). The man on the right is Jewish, and is accusing white Gentiles of oppressing non-whites (a Latino, a black, and an Asian), and of general cruelty.

I do think that one of the major problems in our current society is antijaphetism, and that there is a lot of antijaphetism in the Jewish community - at least among the elite, those who have influence in our society. On the other hand, I think that responding to this with a general anger at Jews is counterproductive. The fact that Chuck Schumer or Sheldon Adelson often conform to antisemitic stereotypes ought not be held against Ben Stein, Don Feder, or Nicholas Stix.

That is all.

Cartoonist John Cole's Anti-American Act

After seeing this little scribble re-printed in my local newspaper, I decided to take action and make my own cartoon response:

It is time that all who criticize "inaction" on amnesty or who talk about a "do-nothing Congress" or who in other ways suggest that we owe illegal aliens something, or that there is some failure in not passing legislation to open our borders, are confronted with the evil of what they are really suggesting. Traitors to our nation ought not to be given a pass.

That is all.