Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Four Major Aspects of Fighting Amnesty

I am going to try to make some posts about fighting the amnesty bill that is going to fought over in the House in October. I will also be writing posts about taking back the country on other fronts. However, let's start with one thing and then branch out, because much of what we need to do here is the same thing we need to do on the other issues.

(1) First, and most easily, we need to influence the milieu. This basically means that we need to be constantly calling, faxing, visiting our Representatives (and Senators, as any bill has to go back through the Senate once or maybe twice). We need to be calling House members and Senate members who propose bad ideas, or say bad things, and constantly correct them. This is the general grassroots strategy of NumbersUSA and Gun Owners of America. This is important because it shows the legislators how many people are strongly opposed to amnesty, and forms a base for our other activism. Get signed up at NumbersUSA and Gun Owners of Americafor action alerts, and send all of them out. In addition, when you hear about, e.g, Eric Cantor supporting a DREAM Act-like amnesty, find his contact information (on his House website or on NumbersUSA) and call him. Don't just do the actions these websites suggest, keep calling your Senators and Representative with your own idea, and call other legislators who are relevant on the issue (e.g. the chairman of whatever committee is about to meet, anyone who says something pro-amnesty, etc.).

(2) Second, we need to discredit amnesty talking points. No matter how strong the grassroots, as long as our opponents control the talking points, it is hard to get through. This mean writing letters to the editor exposing lies, conflicts of interest, etc., asking people tough, specific questions in town hall meetings, and recording them answering, etc. It means calling and contacting all forms of media and telling them your opinion. has an entire website about this.

(3) Third we need to change the narrative and open up new possibilities. This means supporting ideas like repealing birthright citizenship, proclaiming the need for an immigration moratorium, defending folks like Jason Richwine when he says that Hispanics have, on average, lower IQs, etc. As long as we let our opponents set the parameters of the debate, we are fighting with one hand tied behind our back. Steve King scored a major publicity victory when he said that illegal alien kids who were drug mules vastly outnumbered valedictorians, and then refused to back down. Once people have to deal with forbidden ideas, and once we force our enemies to deal with us on our terms, we can control the narrative. Where to start? Read VDARE and start disseminating its ideas. From VDARE, you should be able to find other excellent websites. The goal is to get ideas that VDARE plants, and to get them to percolate up through the more prominent websites to talk radio/alternative media, to cable media, to network and newspaper media. Find new and exciting ideas that go against the prominent media narrative, get them as much exposure as you can, and whenever they move up a level in media, give your support so that they will grow at the new level (e.g. talk up Rush Limbaugh bringing up the influence of megadonors on the GOP's position on amnesty). Keep pushing new ideas up from the bottom, using Twitter, blogs, comment boards, etc.

(4) Fourth we need to support heroes around whom we can rally. Steve King, Louie Gohmert, and Steve Stockman are probably the best people right now to support in the House, and Jeff Sessions in the Senate. Call them and thank them for their strong stance, and donate to their campaigns. Call any legislator who unfairly criticizes them and tell them that you support the heroes. Tell them that you are angry that they are not standing by people who are speaking the truth. Especially go out of your way to thank John Barrow, a rare Democrat who is extremely strong on the pro-enforcement issue. But the main goal is to give support to the heroes, and to encourage others to join them. This will (a) give us someone to rally around, and (b) create a source of publicity for anti-amnesty ideas.

That is all for now.

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