Sunday, November 17, 2013

Links for Arguing about DREAM Act/KIDS Act/BRIDGE Act/ Etc.

To people who ask about penalizing children for things they have no responsibility for, point out that current immigration law would allow people given citizenship under this act to sponsor their parents, who were responsible, and immigration advocates insist that this part of current law be maintained.

Point out that DREAM Act would take college educations and financial aid away from America citizens.

Article from the New York Times(!) admitting that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is slowing down processing of visa applications from legitimate foreign spouses, helping people who are here illegally at the expense of legal immigrants.


Crossing the border illegally is dangerous. Legalization of children who are here illegally is likely to encourage more crossings in the future. Without proper border security measures, will creating incentives for illegal border crossers to bring their children (or for people to smuggle their children here) simply encourage more people to take a dangerous risk? More on this.

Poll shows Americans overwhelmingly want any DACA deal to have an end to chain migration, an end to the visa lottery, and mandatory E-Verify.

CBO estimates that DREAM Act would cost $25.9 billion over ten years. Some analysis from FAIR here, and a suggestion that this is an underestimate here.

The public image of who "DREAMers" are is wrong.

Massive fraud likely in DACA program, little to no verification of age or school attendance.

Claims of devastation to economy if DACA ends ignores low workforce participation rate of millennials, relatively low output of DREAMers

Despite the attempts to imply that DACA recipients are mainly college or graduate students, An ESL program could qualify you for DACA

DACA polling promoted by the media is skewed.

DACA recipients can be people who come here as older teenagers (up to 17), make trips to their home countries, not speak or write English well, and still qualify.

When people talk about how DACA recipients serve the country in the military, point out that Fewer than 900 DACA recipients are in the military (~0.1%) .

73% of DACA-ites live in low-income households.

That is all.

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