Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Helping Anti-Amnesty Allies

About 6 weeks ago, 16 GOP Congressmen signed a letter arguing not just against amnesty but against any increase in legal immigration. At a time when so many politicians couple their opposition to amnesty with a call to increase legal channels of immigration, or in other ways continue to press for the continued dispossession of the historic American nation while narrowly opposing illegal immigration (see Ted Cruz), this is refreshing. It would be better if they called for a reduction or even a moratorium on immigration, but we work with what we have.

Below is a list of their names, donation sites, web contacts, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and phone numbers (list is a work in progress). Please donate generously to one or all of them, and leave messages as to why you are doing so.

Brooks, Reps. Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI), Lou Barletta (R-PA), Tom Cotton (R-AR), Walter Jones (R-NC), Phil Gingrey (R-GA), Michele Bachmann (R-MN), John Fleming (R-LA), Steve King (R-IA), Ted Yoho (R-FL), Joe Wilson (R-SC), Steve Stockman (R-TX), Lamar Smith (R-TX), Steven Palazzo (R-MS), Mike Rogers (R-AL) and Jeff Duncan (R-SC), each signed the letter.

Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama

Donate // Contact // Facebook (Congress) Facebook (Campaign) // Twitter // Phone: Congress: (202) 225-4801 Campaign site: 256-763-0102

Rep. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania

Donate (can send a message with donation) // Contact // Facebook (Congress) Facebook (Campaign) // Twitter // Phone: Congress:(202) 225-6511 Campaign site: 570-501-VOTE (8683)

Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas

Donate // Twitter // Facebook // Phone: 202-225-1555

Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina

// Donate // Contact // Facebook

Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana

Donate (can send a message) // Contact // Facebook

Rep. Ted Yoho of Texas

Donate // Contact // Facebook

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota (Note: she is not running for re-election in 2014)

Donate // Contact // Facebook

Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina

// Donate // Contact // Facebook

Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina

Donate // Contact(form on homepage) // Facebook

Rep. Tom Cottom of Arkansas (Running for Senate)

Donate // Contact (form on homepage) // Facebook // Twitter // Phone (campaign) 501-313-2914

That is all.

Sunday, February 09, 2014


Most of the discussions of transgenderism by people who are advocates for the transgendered community remind me of this scene from 1984:

Reading this post by Ampersand, I keep feeling like he is holding up a picture of a naked person with a penis and testicles and asking us "what is this a picture of?"

(The answer he wants of course, is "a woman.")

The thing that annoys me is the GIF with the caption "I was born a baby who was assigned male at birth." This is a cutesy way of denying that someone born with a penis and testicles has a male body; with the implication that anatomy is completely irrelevant to gender (i.e. so that everyone should rearrange how they think about gender so as not to offend trans individuals).

That is all.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

How to Deal with Charges of Racism on Immigration Issues

When someone suggests that the GOP opposition to amnesty is mostly racial point out that for the pro-amnesty side, their position is definitely due to racial animus:

ACORN chief wants immigration to "weaken white man".

That is all.