Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Despite all of the problems in the modern world, God will prevail in the end.

Let us remember to give thanks for everything and to trust in Him in all things.

That is all.

The Gay Issue

Reading this reminds me of the fact that our whole society is going down the tubes.

It used to be that we were urged to "tolerance," meaning essentially that we can have our beliefs but please don't force them on others.

Increasingly, though, we are being told that our beliefs are not worthy of tolerance. I remember a poster on Yglesias' blog (in what I think is a now defunct thread) saying that we are starting to understand that "homophobia is wrong" and that we will soon no longer tolerate it under the heading of religious beliefs, nor should we (in response to the foster couple who lost their right to foster because they refused to call homosexuality acceptable).

I have a feeling that a lot of people of the "Alas a Blog" ilk would not be willing to condemn the brick-throwing, or at least not without a lot of hemming and hawing. There is, I believe, a reluctance to consider that people who have traditional beliefs could ever be victims, as they are "official oppressors," and gays are "official victims." While I doubt that most people would directly say that throwing a brick through the window is a proper or legal way to behave, I think that most liberals of that ilk would find some way to assert that the people throwing the brick are less at fault then they would seem.

I've already seen them unwilling to admit that legal actions taken against people who publicly disapprove of homosexuality (in Canada, for example) are a violation of religious freedom. Not that they directly advocate the abridgment, mind you, but they rationalize each case ad hoc.

And let us not forget the "hate crimes" double standard.

We live in scary times.

That is all.