Saturday, November 19, 2005

Who (and How Many) Lied?

The Democrats who are now back-tracking on their support of the war, and who are claiming that they were fooled by Bush about the intelligence are(as opposed to thsoe who just admit they were mistaken or who claim that the war was good but Bush botched it), in my opinion, a sorry lot. They should have known better.

But the real interesting question is whether they were really fooled, or whether they voted for the war based on intelligence that they didn't really believe, because they thought that the war would have gone betrer than it did and that the question of how honest the rationale for war was would be forgotten amidst the flush of victory. Put another way, if Bush did lie, did the Democrats who voted for the war lie as well?

And then they are now back-pedaling furiously, not because they changed their minds about the intelligence, but because the war is not going well, and so they cannot rely on the good will generated by victory to justify their votes anymore.

That is all.

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