Wednesday, November 30, 2005

See for Yourself

Previously, I said that Madonna's new song sounds like he Dr. Who theme.

See for yourself, the song plays at Madonna's website.

The Doctor Who theme (from Neal Abram's homepage).

Madonna's song isn't the Doctor Who theme, but it has a similar sound, doesn't it?

I also mentioned that Shakira's back-up band sounded like the Cure. Listen to this, particularly the part just after the seconbd verse, and before the part where she talks about moving to a communist country.

Then go to this page and click on any versions of the song (couldn't find the song except in midi format).

In fact, a lot of the background music from "Don't Bother" sounds similar to that of "Just Like Heaven." (I'm not saying it was taken from "Just Like Heaven," just that the styles are similar).

That is all.

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