Saturday, November 19, 2005

An Exit Strategy? (Updated)

According to this CNN article, General Casey has mapped out at least the beginning of an exit strategy and given it to Donald Rumsfeld.

The hopeful among us will likely see this as proof that the elections in December will be the ones that finally turn the corner for us and will lead to victory so we can go home. Update: Speak of the Devil.

Myself, I have a more distrustful attitude. I think that this is either a response to the Senate resolution that was recently passed (which substituted "significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty" for "troop withdrawals"), or else a cynical move to prove that the administration really is interested in winning and then leaving, so that next year when we can'treduce the troop numbers without Iraq falling into civil war, Bush can say "we tried, and had a plan to leave, but circumstances changed." Put another way, this is to cover his Bush's hindquarters.

That is all.

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