Monday, November 21, 2005

Sexy Vampiress

(I'll explain the significance of the title later).

Note: If anyone doesn't like me linking to images on their website, drop me a line at glaivester at yahoo dot com or comment on this post and I will remove the link.

This post on AFFBrainwash by Michael Brendan Dougherty has inspired me to write a little about my thoughts on attractive women. (specifically celebrities).

First of all, I do not have a girlfriend, or any prospects of getting one soon (considering how often I blog, is anyone surprised?) So whether or not my girlfriend likes the same girls is not a consideration.

So how do I choose which celebrities I think are the most attractive?

Well, other than the obvious, I tend to look for people who are a little obscure, so that I can feel that my tastes are special (I mean, everyone thinks that Pamela Lee Anderson is hot, so where's the fun in that?).

I also tend to like women who have appeared in TV shows that I like.

Favorite actress: Lysette Anthony. She was hot in Krull (one of my favorite movies, I mean, look at the first six letters of my my pseudonym), and she's still hot. In fact, her presence caused made me watch a little bit of the steaming pile known as Look Who's Talking Now?.

Close behind is Marjorie Monaghan, who on Babylon 5 played the Free Mars terrorist leader "Number One," aka Tessa Halloran, who later became the head of Earth Alliance Intelligence.

Kristin Lehman, who played the timid and un-self-confident, but quite sexy vampiress Urs on the TV series Forever Knight is another pick of mine for "hotness" (here's another picture). She is also the person whose picture has brought in a lot of Google hits when I linked to it near the beginning of my entry into blogdom. (She is the one whom the title is named after in hopes of capturing more Google image traffic).

Jill Hennessey is pretty nice-looking as well. I also like her character of Jordan Cavanaugh in Crossing Jordan.

When it comes to comic book superheroines, no one else can compete with "her sexy blueness" Talia Josephine "T.J." Wagner, aka Nocturne. The daughter of Nightcrawler and the Scarlet Witch in another dimension, she is my favorite Marvel character and the entire reason I purchased Exiles in the beginning as well as the entire reason that I purchased The New Excalibur.

Mr. Dougherty also quotes Maurenn Dowd saying that "Deep down all men want a virgin in a gingham dress."

Well, when I get married, I'd like to think that my wife will have saved herself for me (I'm certainly saving myself for her, out of a combination of my moral code with the help of my sheer laziness when it comes to dating).

But Gingham? Well, I sort of like the idea of a sequined evening gown that goes all the way down to the floor and gets real tight around the ankles so that she has to pull it up a few inches to get up the stairs (well, as formal-wear, I'm not thinking of a girl wearing this while helping me ot put acidifying fertilizer on my evergreen shrubs and hydrangeas [yes, I have no life]). I have known this ever since I saw Emma Samms wearing such a dress on the episode of Newhart where Larry was dreaming that he was hosting the Tonight Show and she was the guest.

Speaking of Newhart, Julia Duffy is hot in a "cute" sort of way.

I also think that covering one's neck is sexy (see the pic of Marjorie Monaghan again). And I like it when a woman wears revealing footwear and painted toenails. Or I am getting into "too much information" territory here?

In any case, that's my opinion.

That is all.


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