Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sequel Coming Up

Steve Sailer has kindly provided links to my aticles on race and IQ and on citizenism.

As a result, my traffic for today has shot up to > 300 visits, which beats my previous record of 129 (yesterday) and my record before that of 108 (September 30, 2005) by a wide margin.

So I will try to get my sequel posting. My posting on citizenism was a one-time post, but I think that looking at it I may want to make another post elaborating on how I understand the philosophy of citizenism as well as modifying or clarifying some points (for example, I do agree that the Founding principles are important principles and htat it is important to America's culture to uphold them, but I do not think that America (by which I mean the U.S.) as a nation (as opposed to America as a government) is defined by the Founder's vision, at least not in the sense that the Founder's principles are what make us a distinct nation. (As anb analogy, I am a paleoconservative with paleolibertarian tendencies, but that fact is not the single factor that most describes my entire life and distinguishes me as an individual).

My posting on race and IQ, on the other hand, was deliberately marked "Part I," indicating that a sequel ought to be in the works. So I will try to get Part II up this weekend.

Also, a thank you goes out to Randall Parker for noticing some typos and other errors in my posts, errors I have endeavored to correct.

That is all.

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