Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sully Don't Get It, Do He?

Ol' Sully discusses an email he received from the father of a marine stationed in Iraq in this post.

Most importantly, though, he brings up the question of why we are not dealing with the Syrian border:

I've brought up sealing the border directly with "senior administration officials." They all say it cannot be done. I say: it can. We have the troops and technology to stop the insurgent influx from Syria. Why are we not stopping it? More troops on the border wouldn't alienate the Iraqi population. It would be a sign we are finally protecting them. So why not more troops and equipment for that vital mission?

Obvious answer? Because there is little influx from Syria. Most reports indicate that the insurgency is primarily indigenous. So shutting he borders with Syria just isn't a priority. Granted, foreigners do a lot of the suicide bombings, but those mostly kill Iraqis and not U.S. troops, so they again, stopping them is less of a priority.

And besides, why would Dubya bother to close the Iraq-Syria border when he has abdicated control of the U.S. border?

That is all.

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