Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Needing Windows

Realizing that there are a few internet applications (including certain resume builders) that are not Mac-compatible, I have finally broken down - and put off buying a Mac G5 for another week or two in favor of spending some of my savings on a PC emulator ($219.00 for Virtual PC7 with Windows XP (home edition) and another $25.00 for an anti-virus program).

Technically, I haven't purchased it yet. I've ordered it and will pay upon receipt of goods.

I'll report on how I like it after it comes. Although honestly, PC emulators are probably going to become obsolete when the new IntelMacs come out and begin to take off.

I currently use Mac 10.2.8. Instead of buying Tiger, I think I am going to wait and get Tiger on the next Mac I buy. If Tiger is faster than Jaguar, and I get a G5 with at least 1 GB of RAM (the amount in my 733 MHz G4), hopefully that will help the emulator run faster than I am afraid it will run on my current Mac.

That is all.

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