Thursday, September 29, 2005

Violence in Iraq - Again

Once again, violence in Iraq is beginning to grow, after a brief respite early this month. Five marines were killed in a roadside bomb, in addition to two otehrs in another roadside bomb, and three suicide car bomb attacks have killed 60 Iraqis.

And now, the military is backing off from claims that the military would reduce the number of troops in Iraq in 2006.

Of course, there is always the "good news:"

"One of the most positive trends that we see across Iraq is the willingness of the Sunnis to participate in a political process. We have seen them registering in large numbers in all of the major Sunni [Arab] provinces," Casey said.

Which, while definitely better than the Sunni Arabs not participating, does not actually amount to a victory in terms of securing Iraq from the insurgents. Particularly when a lot of the Sunni Arabs are likely to vote to reject the constitution.

That is all.

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