Thursday, September 29, 2005

Race Preferences and Truthfulness

Lawrence Auster, in an argument about racial preferences, says the following:

I’m surprised that you say that Grutter should only be narrowed but not overruled. Grutter is a monstrosity! The essence of Grutter is that the transcendent goal of proportional diversity justifies race preferences throughout society. What is there in Grutter that you think should be kept?

Actually, Grutter is worse than that; the essence of Grutter is that racial preferences are okay as long as they are obscured by a large enough level of B.S. Honest racial preferences, where there is a clear scoring system showing how they work, is forbidden. But as long as you can be unclear enough about how the preferences actually work, they are okay. In other words, Grutter banned honesty about racial preferences, but in no way actually weakened them.

That is all.

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