Thursday, September 22, 2005

And So it Begins...

Conservatives are beginning to get angry at Bush, finally.

Ann Coulter expresses her frustration at Bush's liberal policies and his family's chumminess with Clinton. Hey, they're a dynastic family, so they may want to join forces with other, emerging dynasties - perhaps George P. can marry Chelsea?

In any case, this quote:

"Bush has already fulfilled all his campaign promises to liberals – and then some! He said he'd be a "compassionate conservative," which liberals interpreted to mean that he would bend to their will, enact massive spending programs, and be nice to liberals. When Bush won the election, that sealed the deal. It meant the Democrats won."

is especially satisfying to me, as it seems like something you might read in, say The American Conservative or on Lawrence Auster's View from the Right. It also represents a very sweeping indictment of Bush; perhaps a realization that Bush is not, after all, a true conservative who is just "playing nice," but perhaps a non-conservative masquerading as one.

National Review is upset at Bush's nomination for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. So after several years of having to a great extent caved on imigration, NRO starting to sound a little like VDARE!

I should point out that both of these facts have been noted by Ol' Sully, here and here.

I will also draw attention to an earlier post of mine concerning Rod Dreher's growing disilllusionment with Dubya.

Even Michelle Malkin is getting on the bandwagon. Although, in all due fairness, Malkin may have always had suspicions about Bush. Way back in 2000, I emailed her to say that I was leery of Bush (full disclosure: I voted for Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party in 2000) because I felt he was the candidate of the National Rifle Association rather than of Gun Owners of America (a much more right-wing gun rights group if you didn't know that) and she responded favorably (although I forget her exact words).

Now if we can just get Hugh Hewitt to start doubting Bush...

That is not all. That is just the beginning.

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