Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Kurds' Way

Visitors from Vladimir Poetin's site: Just to let you know, I am neither a leftist (I am an "old right" conservative), nor do I think that the insurgency is a "heroic resistance," nor do I have anything against the Kurds. I just think that the US is in the middle of a growing civil war in Iraq, and that the Kurds want revenge on the Sunni Arabs for their oppression during Baath Party rule. I think that rather than seeing a liberal multicultural state come to power in Iraq, we are going to preside over Iraq being torn up while a lot of people get killed an/or ethnically cleansed (forced to move). I don't really blame the Kurds if they want to drive out the Sunni Arabs, I just think that our leaders ought to be honest about it.

Jalal Talabani says that he thinks that the US could withdraw up to 50,000 troops by the end of the year. Then, an advisor essentially tries to undo his statement, or at least to water it down severely.

I am getting a feeling that in Tal Afar there may have been a little of the ol' Kurdish Death squads getting revenge on Sunni Arabs and Turkmen. I am also wondering if the Kurds are beginning to think that our usefulness to them is at an end.

That is all.

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