Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Katrina Aftermath Exaggerrated - Or Not?

A recent report in the New Orleans Times Picayune has suggested that the huge increase in violence after Hurrican Katrina may have been exaggerrated.

The G-Gnome questions the writings of John Brimelow and Jared Taylor based on this article. Considering that Jared Taylor is a white nationalist, it certainly would not surprise me if he described incidents in a way that, whether unintentionally or deliberately, exaggerrated black criminality.

Ziel of Your Lying Eyes, on the other hand, believes that the reports of exaggerrated violence were themselves exaggerrated; that is, that some or most of the exaggerrated reports did not appear (at least not in the mainstream media) during the immediate aftermath of Katrina, and indeed seem to have first been brought to light by those "debunking" them. Moreover, some of the incidents may have been misreported (the guardsman shot in the leg), but the actual incident isn't really that much of an improvement on the misreport.

Things are probably not as bad as people like Taylor think, but the problems in New Orleans were probably less exaggerrated than many would like to believe.

That is all.

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