Friday, September 23, 2005

VDH on Iraq

Victor Davis Hanson's column on Iraq can be summed up as follows (in italics, my comments are in Roman):

(1) We need to keep Iraq together because the Middle East needs to learn multiculturalism.

Here's an idea: why don't we combine Israel and Jordan into one state and see how well that multiculturalism works out?

(2) We need to stay in order to insure that the landmark events occur that will provide victory (approcal of a constitution, the trial of Saddam).

Yes, because the insurgency suffered so much during each previous landmark events (the capture of Saddam, the "transfer of sovereignty).

(3) All the good things happening in the Middle East (no more Taliban, progress on the Israeli-Palestinian situation, the de-occupation of Lebanon) are because of the invasion of Iraq.

Ah, yes, it was the removal of Saddam that caused Arafat to die, the removal of Saddam that kept the Taliban from returning to poweer in Afghanistan, and that caused the Hariri assassination which led to the current situation in Lebanon.

(4) Things are going really, really well in Iraq. We are wll on our way to when Iraq will be able to take care of itself, and the insurgency is on the ropes.

Sure. Which is why the US and UK are considering increasing troop levels.

That is all.

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