Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Sailer on Red and Blue

By now, many of my regular readers have probably already read the article by Steve Sailer on the white fertility rate in a state correlating with Bush's share of the vote (I will try to do a similar test on Peroutka when I get the chance).

The last paragraph:

"Nobody noticed that the famous blue-red gap was a white baby gap because the subject of white fertility is considered disreputable. But I believe the truth is better for us than ignorance, lies, or wishful thinking. At least, it’s certainly more interesting."

Of course, this comment enrages Garance Franke-Ruta at the American Prospect, because of the two rules: (1) the truth must of course not involve race in any way as a factor, and (2) is race is a factor, see rule (1).

What's really amazing is how many people seem to be shooting the messenger (see the comments thread). When confronted with the fact that a lot of white people behave as if they would rather get away from minorities, rather than accuse said white people of racism, a lot of liberals accuse the person noticing the trend of racism. Transferrence, anyone?

Not that one can't disagree with Steve Sailer's conclusions, but if there were less heat and more light, it would be helpful. Can't someone try to refute the points rather than just argue how eeeeeeeeeevvvil Sailer is for raising them?

That is all.

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