Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Make Mine Babylon 5

This previous post also reminds me of another problem with Roddenberry, which is that he was very, very intolerant of religion.
One good thing about Babylon 5, which in its time was probably the biggest non-Trek space show to date, was that despite ts creator, J. Michael Straczynski's atheism, it tended to portray religion very neutrally; the show didn't heavy-handedly try to tell us who was right and wrong, we had to decide for ourselves. In some ways, this is like the real world, where ultimately everyone has to weigh the evidence for themselves in determining what they believe.
Babylon 5 also had main characters who were explicitly Jewish (Ivanova), Catholic (Sinclair), ex-Catholic (Garibaldi), and had a Baptist preacher in a guest role in the episode And the Rock Cried out, No Hiding Place.

That is all.

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