Monday, December 06, 2004

The Real Ann Coulter

While Ann Coulter has some good points about the drug legalization issue (I'm for federalism in drug laws myself), the last two paragraphs are confirmation of what an evil bitch she is, and of how petty and mean her opinions can be.
In other words, she basically said that she was going to write articles against drug legalization, and turn from being uninterested to being virulently opposed to it in order to spite the Libertarian Party for not letting her in. Note she isn't just trying to spite the party - she is actually taking sides on an issue or at least prioritizing that issue's importance on the basis of a little hissy fit that she was snubbed by the Connecticut LP.
Why does anyone take her seriously?

Want to read thoughts by a woman who is everything Coulter's fans think Ann is? Look here!

That is all.

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