Thursday, December 30, 2004

Georgie Anne Geyer's Column

Georgie Anne Geyer has some interesting thoughts on Iraq.
I'm not entirely certain, though, that the insurgency just has to hang on another year. More precisely, I think that the US will take quite a while to exhaust itself. Unless there is an enormous pressure to change strategies, and possibly the threat of replacing a lot of Congressmen and Senators in the next elections, Bush will persevere up to the end of his term.
It is not altogether unlikely that some of the uberhawks will get their wish to spread the war to other countries as the solution to the growing insurgency in Iraq (which is rather akin to treating dehydration with salt, sweating and diuretics.
Ultimately, if the push to war isn't stopped, I have a feeling that it will eventually be decided that we have to win by any means necessary, and at that point the mass graves will start filling up.

That is all.

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