Sunday, December 05, 2004

Jed Babblin'

I saw Jed Babbin on Hannity and Colmes the other night, arguing that the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq after the 3/11 bombings is what encouraged the Basques to commit terrorist attacks, because they felt now that it was an effective target.

The person on the other side didn't answer his argument except to say that the Basques weren't connected with the Muslim terroist group that committed the 3/11 bombings.

A better response would have been:
(1) Babbin, you're ignoring the fact that the Spanish people did not want Aznar to send troops to Iraq in the first place. 3/11 didn't change their minds, it just made them more determined to punish him for doing something that few of them wanted in the first place.
(2) What if they don't think that the invasion of Iraq is accomplishing anything? Not everyone believes that the conquest and occupation of Iraq is really going to help us defeat terror. Should they still stay in Iraq just to spite the terrorists? I mean, if someone threatened to commit a terrorist attack if you bashed your head against a wall, would you start bashing it against the wall just to prove they can't intimidate you?

The neocons essentially want to put us in a position where we feel like we are wimps or appeasers if we don't do whatever they want.

Jed Babbin is evil.

That is all.

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