Saturday, December 18, 2004

Raimondo v. Auster

Lawrence Auster and
Justin Raimondo are duking it out as representatives of the "pro-war traditionalist" (i.e. pro-war but not neocon) and the "antiwar right."

I'm torn here. On the war, I'm more similar to Raimondo than to Auster, especially after the latter declared any statement that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction to result in banning a person from making comments.
(This caused me to remove View From the Right (VFR) from my links list).
(Auster's comments section has since been shut down by a massive spam attack anyway).

I like Mr. Auster in general, though, and have often had productive discussions with him on VFR.

I also have to say that I disagree with Raimondo's criticizing Auster for being "racialist." This seems to me to be too similar to smears on Steve Sailer, and seems based on the idea that there can be no significant differences between races (other than appearance), an idea which I think is leftist, and ridiculous.

Arcane Paladin (Link on left) sent me the link to a photo that had previously been on FrontPagemag's front page (FPM puts a photo reference to their top article on the front page each day, but they don't archive them as far as I can tell). Mr. Auster initially referenced this photo in his article, although he deleted the reference the next day when the photo was replaced on FPM.
What surprised me, though, was Mr. Auster's description of Raimondo's appearance as "malevolent" in the photo.

Actually, I think he looks kinda dopey in the photo, bu certanly not "malevolent." The only picture of Raimondo I have ever seen that looks malevolent (and non-dopey) is the picture on his web column.

That is all.

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