Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Heroic Roy

Occasionally when it's on HBO, I watch pieces of Angels in America. I'm curious about what all the fuss is about.
I've seen much of the first half, and have seen the first two-thirds of the second half.
I don't know what people will think of this, but I have to admit that I find Roy Cohn as portrayed in this movie to be the most heroic character.
He's the only one who isn't either so affected that it induces nausea (Belize) or who doesn't feel that he is somehow noble when he isn't. Louis makes everything about him. The Mormon guy doesn't seem to care that he has abandoned his wife or that Louis has abandoned his sick friend. Yet both som ehow think that they are founts of wisdom and noble.
The prophet character also strikes me as too self-righteous.
Roy Cohn is a little s**t, but he knows he's a little s**t and doesn't pretend otherwise.
Moreover, he's somehow haunted by Ethel Rosenberg (the one who gave nuclear secrets to the Soviets), with the implication that somehow he should feel guilty for helping to put a Commie traitor to death. More power to him, I say.

That is all.

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