Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Prayer for the Day

Please LORD, we are in such turbulent times, when we are told up is down and down is up, please give us the strength to stand for the Truth. Please God, give us the backbone to stand for right and against wrong, and not to allow ourselves to be silenced. Help us to bring our own lives in line with the values that You require, and not to be hypocrites. How hard it is to live as one ought! Please, give us the power to be salt to the world, and to be Your lights in the darkness.

Save us, O LORD, from the power of sin in our lives and lead us towards You. Help us to be strong, and just, and to proclaim Your word throughout the world. Please save our country from the troubles that best it, and withhold Your righteous judgment in Your mercy. Please, help us to repent and to seek You.

God, in all Three Ways You exist, please direct our paths. You alone are God; You are Holy and our holiness is only Yours imputed upon us. Show us You mercy and love. In Your name Jesus the Incarnate Word, we pray.


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