Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Do Whites Owe Other Races?

Love, evangelism, charity. Some are part of the U.S. and should be treated as fellow citizens, but we do not owe non-whites total control of our country through mass immigration.

We do not owe them groveling subservience or eternal guilt over slavery and colonialism.

We need to do a better job of bringing the gospel to the rest of the world (and we must not neglect the gospel in this country).

I think that Christianity is pro-ethnic nationalism, and that it is consistent with any sort of ethnic nationalism within one's own country (e.g. it is not consistent with Latino ethnic nationalism in the U.S., but is with Latino ethnic nationalism in Mexico). So the fact that Christianity gets turned into an ethnic nationalist religion in third-world countries does not in itself bother me (however, if that nationalism takes the form of ethnic superiority in the sense that Christ prefers your race over others, it becomes heretical, and if that nationalism does not include the idea that your nation has a duty to bring the gospel to other nations, that is also heretical).

What I believe in is not a white nationalist version of Christianity, but in the idea that Christianity allows white nationalism, black nationalism, etc., within their proper domains.

How does that square with the idea that in Christ, there is no Jew or Greek, but we are all one? Simple. We are all one in Christ, and in Christ there is unity. So race should not separate the Church. However, after the flesh God has separated us, and whenever we unite on the basis of the flesh (or the world, or the natural man, whichever you prefer) we unite against God (Tower of Babel). This is not to say that all interracial marriage is bad, but that it should be an exception, not the norm of a society. "No Jew or Greek" specifically refers to the body of believers, so it is not a call for racial unity for everyone (there is no call that the lost need unity), and I would argue that it only applies insofar as they are operating as a body of believers.

That's not a complete essay of my thoughts, but it's a start.

That is all.

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