Saturday, June 29, 2013

Striking Back at the Pro-Amnesty Establishment

Paul Nachman's reader Mark Mendlovitz has a good idea, but I would take it a step further.

Mark mentions calling them and asking to be taken off their mailing lists, and for them to remove all of your personal information from their mailing lists. Paul mentions threatening to tape their postage-paid envelopes to something heavy and to send it back to them. I say, don't threaten, do, and tell them what you did. Threats are cheap.

Nachman also has a suggestion as to what to put in the envelope to explain what you are doing. You might als owrite your own message, depending on to whom you are sending the mail.

If you don't want to deal with a postal clerk, make certain that what you mail is less than 13 ounces, and use a mailbox.

Personally, I take a 9X12 manila envelope and fill it with old magazines, and then put my message in the postage-paid envelope, and tape that to the big envelope (total weight must be under 13 ounces).

According to the Post Office, if this is sent first class it costs $3.32. I don't know if "business reply" mail gets a discount or not.

Mendlovitz mentions 6 organizations:

Republican National Committee (RNC):310 First Street, SE Washington, DC 20003. Phone (202) 863-8500 / Fax (202) 863-8654.

National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC): 425 2nd Street NE Washington, DC 20002. Phone (202) 675-6000 / Fax (202) 675-4730.

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC): 320 First Street SE Washington, DC 20003. Phone (202) 479-7000

Democratic National Committee (DNC): 430 South Capitol St. SE Washington, DC 20003. Phone (202) 863-8000 or (877) 336-7200 / Fax(202) 863-8082.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC): 120 Maryland Ave. NE Washington, DC 20002. Phone (202) 224-2447 / Fax (202) 969-0354.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC): 430 S. Capitol Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003. Phone (202) 863-1500

I would add the Cato Institute. Send back any postage-paid envelope they give you attached to a manila envelope filled with some old magazines, and a note saying that you don't support people who support amnesty.

If you know of any other organizations which are pro-amnesty to which this strategy can be applied, please let me know in the comments.

That is all.

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