Friday, June 28, 2013

They Fight Dirty, You Fight Dirty

Note: Please, if you like this idea, re-post it. A message to Republicans in Colorado:

Democratic Governor Hickenlooper just signed a bill that would facilitate election fraud, despite the protest of every Republican in the legislature, and the Secretary of State.

These bills tend to discourage Republicans, because they see the allowance of massive voter fraud as benefiting Democrats and worry that the Democrats will no longer have to listen to voters because they can manufacture votes.

I say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

In any future election, if you have an opportunity to cast extra ballots, or if you have an opportunity to get an out-of-state relative to cast a ballot, or any other chance to get fraudulent votes for Republicans, take it.

If the Democrats want to make election fraud a civil right, then Republicans should commit as much election fraud as they can get away with.

It's like publishing the names of the newspaper employees of that paper that was publishing the names of gun owners. Fight fire with fire.

Any time that there is a Democrat-supported law facilitating voter fraud that Republicans can use to their benefit, they should. After they get in power, they can restore integrity to the process.

That is all.


Douglas said...

I agree with this 100%. I told my wife the same thing the day the Supreme Court ruled against Arizona. I am going to contact my Florida voting officials and see if they are going to continue to demand we show and I'd to vote. I will protest Thai if so. I will also see if I can get people to ride with me to vote multiple times in democratically held districts.

Baloo said...

Reposted, with inspirational illustration, here: