Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What the Current Crisis is About

Satan hates white people. He hates everyone, but he in particular hates white Europeans, probably more than anyone else except for the Jews (he likes to use certain Jews (Chuck Schumer, King Manasseh), but he doesn't actually like them except as tools, and he hates the race with a passion due to their connection with the Messiah)

Why does he hate white people? Because we (white Gentiles) have been the keepers of the Church (I'm a Baptist, so I am talking in the broader sense of the term Church ) since the Jews rejected the Messiah in the first century. There have been other Christians, but by and large we have been where the Church has had its various headquarters and the primary funders and maintainers of evangelism.

For that same reason, God has protected us. But as whites have abandoned God, fallen to atheism, sensuality, become self-satisfied, God has removed His shield of protection and allowed to Devil to drive us toward madness.

So the Devil is turning us from God, and then delights in turning us on each other. Even if we are no longer a force for God, the Devil is still trying to destroy us for what we have been, rather than simply trying to pervert us and then use us.

Alternately, it is possible that the Devil is not trying to destroy us, but to raise us to strength to do his bidding, and as we as a people submit, God is destroying us (this is not to say that God is to blame, but that our destruction is a judgment). That is, it is not that the Devil is trying to destroy us for being the keepers of the Church, he is simply jealous of the Church and is trying to turn us into an equally strong force for his side, but in the process he is destroying us (or letting God do so); that is, the Devil is not intentionally leading us to destruction, but he is leading us, and he can only lead in one direction.

Whether the Devil is expressing hate for us, or a desire to lead us, his influence is destroying us and must be resisted. More to the point, God must be sought. There is a reason why Satan receives very few mentions in the historical books of the Bible (i.e. Genesis - Nehemiah) as opposed to the poetic and prophetic books), even though his malign influence is seen throughout. It is because our focus should be on God, not on the Enemy. We need to focus on Him Whom we seek, not him whom we oppose. If we focus on opposing the Devil, we look to ourselves, and ultimately we create as much of our own sin as evil spirits do - and we miss God. If we turn to God, our resistance of all evil is automatic. While we resist the barbarian hordes invading us, we must look within to see our weakness, and to God to see our source of strength, and we must repent and turn toward God if we hope to avoid the destruction ahead of us.

By all means, fight the political battle. But we must also fight the spiritual battle if we want our nation to survive.

Turn to Jesus to save you from your sins. Believe He is God, that He became a human being, and that He died on the cross for your sins. Believe that He rose on the third day to prove that He has paid for sin, and thus conquered death. Trust his death to save you.

After this, pray to God to save our nation from the judgment ahead, and look to see how to do God's will.

And remember, God has raised us as the keepers of the Church in order to do His will, not simply to be satisfied in our raised status. Yes, we do have a duty to other races, including charity and evangelism. If we wish to survive, if we wish to avoid invasion, we must not only obey God's will in how we conduct our lives, but in how we spread God's message to the world. Evangelize them over there so they do not invade over here.

I have stood on the sidelines of the spiritual battle too long.

That is all.

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