Monday, June 17, 2013

A Request

New England conservative talk radio show host Howie Carr has been attacking the amnesty bill. This is great! However, he despairs over New Englanders doing much about it. When a caller suggested that we "bombard our Senators with calls," he said "but they're all liberal Democrats!" He doesn't seem to think that there is anything that New Englanders can do.

He is rousing up his listeners and getting them angry, but he needs to organize them into doing something useful.

My suggestion:

We need to send him a message:

"Howie? Guess who voted against amnesty in 2007? Bernie Sanders and Susan Collins. Tell your listeners to call their Senators and tell them to oppose S. 744, the amnesty bill, regardless of who they are. Even if you don't change their mind, your opposition is registered and it may frighten other Senators."

You can contact his show five ways:

Text him at 680680 Call his show, weekdays 3pm-7pm (Eastern Standard Time) at 1-877-HOWIECA(RR) (1-877-469-4322) (I don;t know how many people get on, when I call it just keeps ringing, presumably eventually some people get through) FAX: 1-617-779-3467 Leave a recorded voice mail message (Chump Line): 1-617-779-3469 (Some messages are read on air ~5 :15pm). (You may have to call back if the mailbox is full) Online contact:

If you could get everyone on your mailing list to contact him, maybe the message will get through (my thought is that we try to fill the Chump Line with different people speaking the same message).

That is all.

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