Thursday, June 27, 2013

Prayer for the Day

Thank You, LORD, for bringing the total of anti-amnesty Senators to 33. Please Lord God Almighty, if it be Your will, let the number become greater than 40 and stop the bill tomorrow. If not, then if it be Your will, let the huge outpouring of opposition to the bill poison it for the House, and let the House not do anything that would let the Senate bill get to the floor.

Please bring Chuck Schumer and the Gang of Eight to repentance, and help me to repent and be what You want me to be as well. If You allow us to defeat the bill, please guide us as to what to do next in order to take our country back.

LORD God, please light our path to do Your Will. You are great and may your praise be on our lips as we try to save our country.


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