Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thoughts on Dick Morris

A few thoughts about this column:

(1) Dick Morris seems to be thinking that not intervening enough in the world is what led to 9/11.

In the interim, of course, came Sept. 11, when the nation found out why foreign affairs were vital to domestic peace. In the aftermath of the attack, only one-third of Americans thought we should "mind our own business."

(2) Dick Morris seems to think that not intervening by force or threat of force is the same thing as ignoring the rest of the world.

It is this feeling of wanting the rest of the world to go away, not any leftward drift, that is animating the drop in President Bush's approval ratings as the war drags on.

(3) Dick Morris seems to be taking the William Kristol-like stance that hoi polloi are a bunch of "Yahoos (although Krisrol wrote this in regards to immigration)," and that they will eventually be brought along to convert to the interventionist religion of the political elite, who (apparently) are wise beyond their years and who know what is best for us.

Isolationism is so discredited with insider opinion that nobody dares articulate its rationale in public. Like racism, it has been dismissed as a legitimate opinion by the elites, but not yet by the voters themselves. [emphasis mine]

Hmmmmm. I am as impressed with Dick Morris now as when I first heard of him back in 1996, in regards to this.

That is all.

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